Published: 2007-03-01

FEBRUARY 25, 2007-- The 798 center's 'I Am a Warrior' sculpture exhibit attracted a a huge crowd. But unlike the warriors one might be used to seeing, all of them were women.

Norway's Marian Heyerdahl cloned the original terracotta warriors, used Chinese clay, and the same bodies and dress as the male soldiers. But even beyond their female hair and facial expressions, they shout, weep, wear rings, hold children, pray, are pure, are brimming with passion, are pregnant...

'Replacing the male warriors with women, in one sense, is symbolically and metaphorically highlighting the pain suffered by women,' said the assistant director of the Norwegian Embassy's culture division.

Aside from women, Marian Heyerdahl has also created terracotta children in military regalia, with faces reflecting the pain and hopelessness of having lost their parents.