Sept 2011


Li Na: The Global Marketing of a Chinese Sports Superstar

Page 32 - 49

By Liu Xiang, Wang Jielu and Zhang Ben

After her historic French Open victory, Li Na instantly became the apple of advertisers eyes to the tune of $42 million. Though she was knocked out of the first round of the U.S. Open, a whole star system is counting on her earning power to keep growing.

Two years ago, when Max Eisenbud of the IMG sports star management group signed up the then 27-year-old Chinese tennis player Li Na, all agreed her age was a problem in a sport famous for its short professional life spans. 


Lei Jun: Brotherhood Business of Xiaomi Smartphone

Page 50-55

By Zhang Feng

At the launch conference of the Xiaomi Smartphone(小米手机), Lei Jun, an investor of VANCL online shop, appeared in front of the public like Steve Jobs. When asked whether Xiaomi Smartphone is a cheap copy of iPhone or a salute to Steve Jobs, Lei wants to reply with only one sentence: You’ll know what I’m doing after you try Xiaomi Mobile.

“Xiaomi Mobile is the dream of seven men.” says Lei Jun. Six other entrepreneurs participated as the co-founder of the Xiaomi, which Lei refers as the brotherhood.


Business of Super Girl Reality TV Show

Page 62-65

By Wang Jielu, Ren Qi (Intern)

As a successful and mature industry model in China, Super Girl(快女) and Super Boy(快男)Talent Show combines the advantage of both traditional and new media, and now focuses more on the internet. The 24-hour Super Girl Reality Show launched by HunanTV (湖南卫视), EE-Media(天娱) and web TV provider PPTV is a new adventure for online marketing.


The New Push of Chinese IT Industry-SZICC

Page 96-101

By Yang Ping

Shen Zhen Intergrated Circuit Center(SZICC深圳IC基地) was established on December 29, 2001 with approval and investment by the local government. When asked whether they are another vanity project supported by the government, the company answers with two words: public and open, indicating its self-position as a public service provider rather than a company.

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