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Bo Xilai & Wang Yang Talk Cakes
A round-up of recent commentary in the EO: What made Yao Ming special? The NPC should force government departments to release spending and the schizophrenia of the US political system.
8月4日 18:33
In Defense of Chengdu’s Land Reform
Peking University economist Zhou Qiren defends recent criticisms of Chengdu's pilot land reform project which allows farmers to trade the usage rights to their land
7月29日 17:39
Rail Policy - Arrogant and Indifferent
Translations of commentaries about the Wenzhou train disaster and China's high-speed rail system that have appeared on the Economic Observer Online over the past few days
7月27日 19:51
Surviving Driver's Shocking Silence
At the press conference held by the Ministry of Railway to explain the cause of the accident, the spokesman didn’t mention the driver of train D3115 , let alone allow him to appear in public.
7月26日 17:40
Executions Can't Kill Off Corruption
Translations of commentaries that have appeared in the newspaper or on our Chinese site over the past week. Includes Teng Biao and Xu Zhiyong on the death penalty and a call for more Chinese citizens to take part in public hearings
7月20日 20:28
Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Scores Poorly In First Month
A selection of opinion pieces that have appeared in the Economic Observer and on our Chinese-language website over the past week.
7月14日 16:48
The Fatal Touch - Henan Official Fired For Hugging Celebrity Singer
A selection of translations of opinion pieces that have appeared in the Economic Observer and on our Chinese-language website over the past week.
7月6日 19:34
China and US Will Remain Close
With China and the US becoming more and more interdependent, direct confrontation benefits no one.
7月6日 16:50
Food Won’t Be Safe Unless Journalists Are
Society will be more vulnerable if the Ministry of Health pursues its plan to blacklist authors of misleading reports.
6月22日 17:03
Considered Opinion: The Yao Jiaxin Case
The court has announced that they will announce the verdict and sentence in the high-profile murder case on Apr 22
4月21日 12:10
Commentary from This Week's Paper
China deserves apology over Renault case, rising costs of burials and how to reduce the price of fuel
4月14日 19:45
Guangxi's Proposed Anti-Abortion Policy is a Disgrace
China has a powerful "family planning department". It can prohibit women from giving birth and it can also prevent women from not giving birth
4月7日 18:44
Commentary from This Week's Paper
The "Passion" of Yao Jiaxin and Baidu Only Kowtows to the Strong
3月31日 19:19
Views from the East: Chinese Media on the Libyan No-fly Zone
What are the opinion pieces being carried in mainland China's newspapers saying about military action in Libya?
3月29日 16:02
China Poll: What do People Think of the Military Action in Libya?
An online poll reveals that many people doubt the motives of the countries taking part in military action aimed at enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya
3月25日 18:18
Commentary from This Week's Paper
Summary of EO commentaries - justifications for China's high-speed rail; quality of life includes personal freedom and rights......
3月17日 11:05
Commentary from This Week's Paper
Brief translations of recent commentary that appeared in either the print edition or on the Economic Observer's website
3月4日 18:09
70% of Officials Want more Government Transparency
The Chinese Academy of Social Science Writing and Press surveyed 1300 officers, and 1350 citizens about government transparency in China.
2月28日 17:41
Egypt's Rabbits and Tigers
Egypt is in the throes of revolution. What does this mean for the Islamic world and the future of democracy?
2月17日 16:40
Views from the East: Chunyun
Chinese commentators take on the Spring Festival transport rush and whose to blame...
1月27日 17:25


NDRC Sets Benchmark Price for
The new benchmark price is likely to help boost the profitability of photovoltaic projects and encourage more investment...
China Shuts Down 583 Lead-acid
A total of 583 lead-acid battery manufacturing plants have been shut down over recent months as part of a campaign to st...
Reluctant Transparency
Central government departments grudgingly reveal glimpses of spending on cars, overseas tr


Despite an increase in the pro