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A New Approach to Iron Ore Negotiations?
China's central government maybe have lifted the contentious issue of iron ore pricing to one of national strategic significance
4月20日 19:39
Considered Opinion: The Wu Ying Case
China's editorial pages and online forums have been buzzing with discussions about capital punishment in recent weeks.
4月19日 22:15
NDRC to Revise System for Evaluating Performance of Local Officials
Foreign institutions will be invited to evaluate the performance of government officials
4月1日 20:30
Beijing Pilot Project Evaluates Planned Government Spending
The Beijing government has piloted a project to conduct a preliminary evaluation of government spending projects. Beijing earned over 230 billion yuan in fiscal revenue in 2010 and plans to spend 113.5 billion yuan this year.
2月11日 17:05
Special Feature: The Regional "Two Sessions"
A look at development plans for the next five years for Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenzhen, and Central China
1月27日 16:13
China's Budget for 2011
In 2011, China will invest more into five sectors: education, rural and urban basic health insurance, healthcare institutions, social security, policy-based housing and water conservation facilities.
1月6日 14:08
12th Five-Year Plan Promises Big Tax Cuts
The government will reduce the tax burdens of individuals and companies. The reform will not raise the tax floor as previously expected, but will reduce number of income tax levels to six or seven.
12月16日 14:40
Central Government Investigates Chengdu's Hukou Reform
Some ministerial agencies intend to find out whether Chengdu's hukou reform could be copied by other Chinese cities
12月9日 16:03
Interview with Secretary General of the EU Chamber of Commerce in China
We talked to Dirk Moens about the effects of a change in taxation policy in relation to foreign firms operating in China.
12月7日 15:50
SOEs Transfer 30 Billion Yuan to Social Security Fund Every Year
Transfers of state-owned shares to the social security fund seem promising, but they are not as simple as they sound.
11月18日 14:37
Deadline Extended for Investigations into Local Financing Platforms
The central government has extended the original October 31 deadline for local governments to report the results of their investigations into local financing platforms.
11月5日 12:07
Policy-based Housing Hindered by Money Shortage
The issue of how to finance the construction of policy-based housing has become a problem for both the central government and its local subsidiaries.
11月3日 18:22
The Spiral of Income Distribution Reform Should Produce Results
Income distribution reform has been researched and discussed for the past ten years without results. Will the 12th Five Year Plan break the pattern?
10月14日 16:25
Tax System Reform: What's on the Agenda?
China's taxation system may witness a great change in the following five years. Value-added tax, China's largest tax, is likely to be expanded and replace the sales tax.
9月23日 14:50
Beijing's Trade Unions Seek Economic Independence
The Beijing Municipal Federation of Trade Unions is working to reform the city's trade unions including advocating direct election of and economic independence for union officials.
9月14日 20:49
Plans for Income Distribution Reform to be Completed by October
Long-neglected plans for income distribution reform are being discussed as China approaches the start of its 12th Five-Year Plan
9月9日 16:38
The Secret Blacklist of Developers Hoarding Property
Is China's Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MHURD) keeping a secret list of property developers that are hoarding housing for speculative purposes?
8月27日 17:17
Push to Get 6,000 COEs to Pay Dividends to Ministry of Finance
The Ministry of Finance (MOF) is soliciting opinions from 82 ministerial agencies in a bid to win support for their plan to start collecting dividends from the over 6,000 central-owned enterprises (COEs) that currently operate under the control of various
8月25日 17:55
China to Revise Government Investment Regulations
The NDRC is looking to curb municipal and county government power over local government investment projects
8月19日 17:28
Shenzhen at the Crossroads
The public is eagerly awaiting Shenzhen’s political reform, but political reform in Shenzhen is a sensitive topic
8月11日 17:20


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