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Updated: Wenzhou Train Crash Death Toll Climbs to 38

Update: (Jul 25, 3pm) According to Xinhua News Agency, as of 1pm on Jul 25, the death toll from the train crash stands at 38. According to the Xinhua report, the three additional casualties were found at the scene of the crash. Xinhua, quoting the Wenzhou city government, also reports 192 people were injured in the crash.

Update: (Jul 24, 10am) According to Xinhua News Agency reports at 10am on Jul 24, 35 people are confirmed dead, including 2 foreigners, and 210 others injured after two high-speed trains crashed into each other in China's eastern province of Zhejiang on Saturday evening.

The D3115 had departed Hangzhou at 4:36pm and was headed towards Fuzhou, the capital of the neighboring province of Fujian. The other train, the D301 service from Beijing South Station, was also headed to Fuzhou. Both trains are limited to traveling at a maximum of 250km/h.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation, though reports suggest that the train from Beijing smashed into the back of the stationary D3115 at around 8:30pm local time.

Early reports from the Wenzhou branch of Xinhua News Agency said that two cars from the D3115 had derailed after an accident that took place at 8:34pm. Latter reports from China Daily, quoting the Ministry of Railways, said that the 4 carriages at the front of the D301 had derailed, as had two cars at the rear of the 16-carriage D3115 after a collision that took place at 8:50pm.

According to an announcement from the Ministry of Railways, the minister is on his way to the scene of the crash. Xinhua News Agency reported that the governor of Zhejiang province also attended the scene of the crash in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Local media were also reporting that large queues of people hoping to donate blood formed at Wenzhou's blood banks late last night after a report by a local radio station said the city's blood reserves were low.

The train crash comes one day after an overnight passenger bus traveling between Weihai in the eastern province of Shandong to Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, caught fire in the early hours of Friday morning. The accident resulted in the death of 41 passengers on board.

Xinhua News Agency

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