How will Chinese billionaires manage their fortunes?
The annual Hurun list of China’s richest people shows real estate and IT are recovering, but industries like liquor, clothing and metals are struggling
A Japanese firm wants to overtake ABB to become the biggest supplier of robots to China.
Why London's property market is attracting so many wealthy Chinese investors.
IA look at how China has managed to avoid large scale power shortages this summer.
What do foreign brands do when unscrupulous profiteers trademark their Chinese names?
After a four month vacancy, China Investment Corp has a new chairman
No one is hurting more in China than the steel industry, but try as the government might to stop it, expansion of production capacity continues.
Q & A with Wen Zongyu on how China’s leaders plan to restructure and guide liquidity away from asset bubbles and into the real economy.
Try as the government might to subdue housing inflation, nothing seems to be working
The new instant messaging software poses a challenge to market leader WeChat
Another high level China Mobile executive has fallen, bringing the total number to 14 since 2009
The American electric car maker hoped to enter China this year, but that looks increasingly unlikely
Ma Zehua has been called in to help turn China's largest shipping company around.
Chinese outsourcing services firms are fleeing the U.S. stock market.
Mainland parents who give birth in Hong Kong are facing huge problems educating their child
China’s ultra-wealthy are starting to realize they need protection
Sham marriages between gay men and lesbians can keep family pressure at bay, but they bring their own challenges
Extensive traffic reduction initiatives are still falling short
A criminal psychologist explains why so many in China are resorting to senseless violence and what we can do about it
Nine letters that explain what we expect of our new government. We hope that our country can have clean air, water and food. We hope that officials can stay clean. We hope our chil...
A look at how business people in the railway, education and oil industries have reacted to recent efforts to widen the scope for private investment.
The Twists and Turns of China's Power Industry Reform
The Challenges Facing the Party Bosses of Guangdong, Sichuan and Henan
The Challenges Facing the Party Bosses of Guangdong, Sichuan and Henan.
A plan for controlling the salaries of executives at SOEs will be submitted to the State Council within two to three months.
A look at how ambitious executives at China's major state-owned enterprises hope to be transferred to government posts.
Meet the woman standing up for the rights of mainland-Chinese immigrants in Taiwan.
Why no one wants to lead China's $500 billion sovereign wealth fund.
China's anti-corruption agency is tooling up in a bid to clamp down on corrupt officials fleeing abroad.

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Many officials in Nanjing were not suprised by the move.
The PBC reiterated that housing credit policy remains unchanged.

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