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Reports of a New Case of Bird Flu in Nanjing Spread on Weibo
Summary:What appears to be an official government document detailing the fourth case of the H7N9 virus appeared on Weibo earlier this morning, officials have not confirmed whether or not the document is genuine.

Apr 2, 2013
Translated by Pang Lei

Domestic Chinese News outlets are reporting that a fourth person is said to be hospitalized after being found to have contracted a new strain of bird flu which has already killed two Chinese men in Shanghai and has left a third in a critical condition.

Reports of the new case are being based on what appears to be a copy of an official government document that was posted to Sina Weibo by the account "What's Happening in Nanjing" (@南京正在发生) at about 9.30am this morning. The image of the document was accompanied by the text - "Was there a case of an individual contracting the H7N9 virus discovered in Jiangning District?"

The document appears to be a report sent from an office of the Jiangning District Government to an office of the Nanjing City Government.

The document reveals that a case of H7N9 avian influenza had been "initially confirmed" by the centers for disease control and health departments in both Nanjing City and Jiangsu Province.

The patient was reported to be a 45-year-old woman who butchered poultry at a local market.

She first reported having a fever and a cough early last week and then rapidly deteriorated into a critical condition.

Officials in Nanjing's Jiangning district told Caixin earlier this afternoon that they were still investigating the Weibo report.

According to a report on longhoo.net (南京龙虎网), a Nanjing-based web portal, which has since been removed, an account belonging to someone who appears to be administrator at Nanjing\'s Gulou Hospital confirmed that the hospital had admitted such a patitent and that she had been isolated from other patients. This post has since been deleted from that user's account.

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