Ups and Downs of the Modeling Industry

China’s newly enriched consumers are becoming more intrigued by high-fashion; and with this interest has come a thriving modeling industry. Many beautiful young girls – Chinese and foreign alike – are taking photos and turning up at auditions seeking to make a name for themselves. But as the industry matures, it’s becoming more competitive; and as in any country, it has a seedy under-belly. Events in recent years like an infamous sex party in Hainan and a murder in Shanghai have underscored just how difficult it can be to establish a safe and legitimate modeling career.

In today’s podcast, we’re joined by two young models who’ve managed to dodge the shysters and get their faces out into the world. Lin Qiaorong is Fujian-native who got into modeling three years ago as a way to crack the fashion industry. And Doris came to Beijing from the Netherlands to study Chinese, but somehow wound up walking down runways and getting her face on magazine covers. They’ll tell us the ups and downs of modeling in the Middle Kingdom.

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