By Luo Jian
Published: 2008-06-25

Heavy rains on May 26 and 27 spurred sudden swelling of the Wangmo River. Kuanggou Villiage in Wangmo Town of Guizhou Province, southern China, was overtaken by the flash flood. 

After the floodwater subsided, three Buyi girls of Kuanggou Villiage were washing clothes which had been soaked in mud water for more than one week. Nearby, houses built at lower elevation had also been submerged for more than one week. 

However, the situation here was better than that of Nabao Village, which stood on a hillside in Xintun Town, 60 kilometers away. There, the whole village was destroyed by debris flow and landslides. More than half of the houses had collapsed and 33 houses were swept away by the flood.

The primary school under the hill became the only shelter for over three hundred villagers, with more than 30 tents crowed in the small playground. Nobody knew whether the village would still exist after the flood, as the rainy season was still ongoing.

Crops planted by a dozen of families before the flood had disappeared, with only sludge remaining.

Furniture and housing structure swept away by the flood now resting on river banks. 

The only small bridge used to connect villagers to the outside world was damaged.

A harzardous structure standing by the Wangmo River has been abandoned by its owner.

A grandmother caring for a child while cleaning her house after floodwater subsided.

Flood victims taking shelter in the temporary camp site.