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Former Head of Chongqing Branch of China Mobile Detained in Beijing

Economic Observer Online
October 28, 2010
Translated by Zhang Chao
Original Article:

Shen Changfu (沈长富),the former party secretary and general manager of China Mobile's Chongqing office, was taken away for questioning by authorities in Beijing last Friday on suspicion of accepting bribes and other economic crimes.

An anonymous source revealed to the EO that the case might involve over ten million yuan worth of bribes.

Our reporter tried calling Shen, but his phone had been turned off.

The Chongqing branch of China Mobile has since ordered all employers not to comment on the case. When asked, they are told that they should neither admit or deny anything and only say that they have no idea.

The Chongqing branch of China Mobile has not provided an official response to the news of the investigation. According to sources, no internal announcement has been made about Shen's case either.

Sources have also informed the EO that most of the bribes that Shen accepted were related to the company's contracts with overseas telecom equipment providers and it's possible that some well-known firms may be implicated.

According to the Global Times, Shen made his last pubic appearance this month at a signing ceremony for a cooperation treaty between China Mobile and Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

According to some, Shen's 29-year-old son, Shen Li, is known to drive a Bentley.

The EO has also learned that Shen's case is likely to be similar to that of Li Hua, the former General Manager of the Sichuan branch of China Mobile who was detained on suspicion of accepting bribes a month ago. Li Hua is also accused of accepting large bribes in relation to the import of overseas telecom equipment providers.

As these two similar cases have occured in such quick succession, it's possible that the investigation may spread to other provinces.

Someone who knows Shen told the EO, "when Li Hua was under investigation I had a feeling that Shen Changfu could be the next one to fall."

Shen Changfu's CV

Born in May, 1951 in Dianjiang County of Chongqing. CPC member, the former Party Secertary, the Chairman of the Board, General Manager and Senior Engineer at the Chongqing Branch of China Mobile. Elected to the Standing Committee of Chongqing Municipality's CPPCC in 2004, elected as a delegate to the Tenth National People's Congress in 2005 and the Eleventh National People's Congress in 2008.

  • Shen went to live and work in a production team at a commune in Fuling as a "sent-down educated youth" in September 1969
  • Shen became a maintenance officer in a wireless communication office of Chongqing Telecommunications Office, Sichuan in March 1971
  • Shen became deputy director of the wireless communication office of Chongqing Telecommunications Office, Sichuan in June 1989
  • Shen became director of wireless communication Suboffice of Chongqing telecommunications office, Sichuan in August 1992
  • Shen became assistant minister of Chongqing's telecommunications office in August, 1994
  • Shen became deputy director of Chongqing's telecommunications office in June 1995
  • Shen studied for his masters in Marxist Theory and Education in Ideology and Politics from September 1994 to December 1997
  • Shen became Deputy Director of Chongqing Office of the Telecommunications Authority in June, 1997
  • Shen served as secretary of the party committee, the chairman of board, the general manager of the Chongqing branch of China Mobile Communications Corporation from August 1988 till now.

This article was edited by Paul Pennay


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