Aug 2011

The Economic Observer has been publishing as Fast Company since August 2011, previously it known as Fast Company Observer and before that it was known as Wang Shang (网商). The July 2011 edition of the publication is available here. Below you'll find an outline of the table of contents and brief introductions to some of the major articles.


Lei Jufang – Chairman of Cheezheng Tibetan Medicine Company

Cover story, pages 32-42

By Yang Ping

 Lei Jufang, the Chairman of Cheezheng Tibetan Medicine Company, is worth over 8 billion yuan, but lives a humble life. She was born in 1953 in Gansu Province. She surmounted a difficult technical problem on her own and made her mark. She once worked at the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Institute of Modern Physics and later established Lanzhou Research Institute of Industrial Pollution Control Technology and set up Cheezheng Company in 1993. This article presents her life story.


Founder and CEO of Jumei.Com Chen Ou: Do the Business That Other Men Think Are Too Embarrassed to Do

Page 46-49

By Wang Jielu

 Why would a man choose to set up a website selling cosmetics? “Because I’m an Aquarius. I don’t follow the conventions”, answered Chen Ou in his Aquarius way.

While in college, Chen Ou established Garena, an online gaming platform. Based in Singapore, the company later expanded business in South East Asia. Once the youngest Chinese MBA student in Stanford, Chen and two friends set up Jumei.com, China's largest wesbite dedicated to cosmetics.


X2 Drama Studio: How Much Money for Spree

Page 56-59

By Liu Xiang

Photos by Liu Lijie

Guan Haoyue, who owns of X2 Drama Studio, dream of making his studio a big brand all over China, just like Broadway. But insiders are skeptical: he’s just a businessman who knows nothing about art!


A Host Who Doesn’t Know How To Cook Isn’t a Good Investor

Page 74-76

By Wang Jielu

Photos by Liu Lijie

May 12, 2011, Phoenix New Media started business on NYSE and became the third investment project of Bertelsmann Asia Investments (BAI) that listed on NYSE after China Distance Education Holdings and Bit Auto. Annabelle Long, Managing Director of BAI, shares her story and that of BAI.

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