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  • Advertise with us | 7-1 15:01
  • Beneficiation Strategy: A win-win Solution for investors and Botswanians | 9-8 17:38
  • The opening of the Botswana diamond sorting facility is the latest example of beneficiation, the effort in Africa to ensure that people in diamond-producing nations benefit from their country's natural resources.
  • Travel and Tourism: Botswana Opens Its Doors to the World | 9-8 17:38
  • Tourism is one of the fastest growing segments of the Botswana economy, accounting for nearly 12% of the total GDP; it is an important sector for diversifying the mineral-based economy and create jobs, particularly in rural areas.
  • A New International Financial Service Center Hub for Africa | 9-8 17:38
  • Botswana has a long history of political and macroeconomic stability, and it is no wonder that Botswana is set to become the preferred cross-border financial services center of Africa.
  • Relations with China Top Botswana's Priority | 9-8 17:37
  • Relations between Botswana and China, which have grown by leaps and bounds since establishment of diplomatic relations in 1975, is a top priority of the Botswana government, according to Mompati Merafhe, former Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  • A Peaceful Exchange of Power, A Steady Increase in Prosperity | 9-8 17:37
  • From its inauspicious beginning as one of the poorest countries in Africa, Botswana has not only solidified itself as one of the most stable and least corrupt countries in the developing world, it has also enjoyed high growth at an average annual rate of
  • Botswana Welcomes International Investment in Mining | 9-8 17:37
  • "We have changed our laws in the setting up of power stations to allow the private sector to participate and there is no reason why the Chinese cannot participate either in partnership with the companies that are already mounting projects or by starting t
  • Why invest in Botswana? | 9-8 17:37
  • There are plenty of reasons to invest in Botswana, and the top ten reasons are listed here.
  • About the Economic Observer | 7-11 13:45
  • The Economic Observer (经济观察报) is an independent Chinese weekly newspaper that publishes news and commentary related to China's economic, political and social developments.
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