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  • Spoiled Rabies Vaccine Saga Continues | 3-27 17:26
  • After thousands of rabies vaccines were discovered to contain an illegal additive rendering them ineffective, many Chinese injected with them feared vulnerability to the disease and adverse health effects.
  • Chinese Court Accepts First Civil Suit in Milk Scandal | 3-26 18:47
  • Six months after some 290,000 chidren fell ill and several died due to tainted milk, a local Chinese court will hear the first civil lawsuit filed on behalf of a victim's family.
  • Starbucks... Tofu? | 3-24 15:09
  • Beleaguered coffee chain Starbucks is hoping new, locally-inspired products at lower prices will entice Chinese customers to consume despite the economic slowdown.
  • Industrial Bank Boycotted by State Firms in Shenzhen | 3-20 12:12
  • State-owned firms in Shenzhen were retaliating against a bank for a lawsuit it won against one of their own.
  • Dim Hope for Huiyuan Juice Shares | 3-19 14:54
  • Market analysts are bearish on Huiyuan's share price, which bubbled up for months before a deal with Coca Cola was blocked by Chinese commerce officials on March 18.
  • Major Chinese Soybean Presser Softens to Foreign Investment | 3-19 14:54
  • An icon of China's soybean industry tells the EO of how two market shakeups have given foreign investors a strangehold over his trade.
  • China to Coca-Cola: No Deal | 3-18 16:31
  • Coca-Cola's attempt to purchase a major Chinese beverage company has been blocked on the grounds that it violates Chinese antitrust law, nixing what would have been the largest foreign acquisition of a Chinese firm in history.
  • Private Business Sidelined by China's Stimulus | 3-16 18:01
  • Private businesses in China are struggling to share in the stimulus pie despite that they have been a major driver of economic growth for the past several years.
  • Senior Chinese Commerce Official Deposed for Graft | 3-12 18:33
  • A senior official in China's Ministry of Commerce was deposed after being found guilty of demanding companies to foot his personal bills, the EO learned.
  • Chinese Auto Firm May Use State Funds for Foreign Acquisition | 3-12 17:07
  • A Chinese auto firm may get a head-start in oversea acquisition with some 10 billion yuan of funding from the Beijing Municipal government, the EO has learned.
  • China's Exports Slump While Stimulus Boosts Investment | 3-11 19:32
  • Though China's exports slumped again in February, fixed asset spending soared, signaling a fresh injection of stimulus funds into the economy.
  • New Tax Rules to Rein in Foreign Firms in China | 3-11 11:51
  • A new tax law seeks to change the game for foreign firms operating in China and those seeking to evade taxes on Chinese investments by registering off-shore.
  • China the Next Outsourcing Hub? | 3-5 13:56
  • A delegation of US outsourcing industry players recently visited Beijing to discuss directly contracting projects to China. Does it indicate a tipping point in the industry that would see India dethroned?
  • China Mulls State Assets Management Company | 3-4 15:49
  • China is planning to consolidate some state-owned firms into an asset management company akin to its existing sovereign wealth fund, the China Investment Corporation (CIC).
  • On The Trail of Counterfeit Drugs in China | 2-27 18:02
  • An EO investigative report tracks counterfeit drugs from backyard labs and wholesale markets to the counter at the corner pharmacy.
  • AIG in Talks with Chinese over AIA Sales | 2-26 19:09
  • A Chinese regulator confirmed that AIG was in talks with Chinese companies over the sale of AIA.
  • China to Pour 100 Billion Yuan into Metal and Logistics | 2-26 18:13
  • Straining to survive in the downturn after stockpiles have devalued, non-ferrous metal and logistics firms will benefit from 100 billion yuan in government support to be spent over the next two years.
  • Insurance Claims for CCTV Fire Under Review | 2-26 16:13
  • A special compensation team has been tasked to vet insurance claims for over a billion yuan for damages caused by the recent fire at China's state broadcaster's new headquarters.
  • Credit, Volatility Rolls Through Chinese Markets | 2-25 16:22
  • The EO looks at recent volatility in the Chinese stock markets, where companies have withdrawn leveraged investments and investors have been spooked by fears of a debt defaults abroad.
  • China's Soybean Dilemma | 2-20 12:17
  • The Chinese government is caught between keeping soybean prices low enough to protect low-income groups, but high enough to keep farmers interested in planting it.

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