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Xinjiang's Appeal, Global Times' Candor, Beijing's Minimum Wage


"When I left in 1965 the city was like everywhere else in China at the time: poverty stricken. I went to Xinjiang because they promised I could grow grapes and watermelons and that I could eat eggs and noodles everyday and have hot water and electricity,"

Guan Haidong, protesting in Shanghai

The Telegraph


“It’s not only about saving Europe, but the U.S. and the whole world, including China itself,”

Yi Xianrong, director at the financial research center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Washington Post


"The choke point for all the companies is the question of what they can do with the concentrated REM ore once it's above ground. You can extract the rare earths together, but then you have to separate them...the world's REM separation capacity is 99 percent Chinese and they have unused capacity,"

Jack Lifton, founder of the industry consultancy Technology Metals Research



"We call a spade as a spade and we are not afraid to upset you."

Global Times editor-in-chief Hu Xijin

Foreign Policy


“I only know that there are some artists — artists who have been loyal and faithful to the work of the Party, and who have persevered — who will be struck with fear as a conditioned reflex when they hear about this need to “strengthen the Party’s leadership.”

Zhao Dan (赵丹), in September 1980

China Media Project



3,135 yuan

Average salaries for new graduates in Shanghai. Local university graduates' salaries were 3,135 yuan this year, about 10 percent higher than the previous year, according to a study released by Bridge HR, a human resources company based in Lujiazui.

Shanghai Daily


13 Yuan

Best minimum hourly pay across China can be earned in Beijing, where the rate is 13 yuan.





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