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Wiping Wang Lijun's Balls From History

Dec 4, 2012
By Pang Lei

The big stone balls that adorn the entrance to Chongqing's Public Security Bureau are not as colorful as they once were.

Observant local journalists noted that the inscriptions made by Wang Lijun (王立军), the former head of the city's PSB, have now been wiped clean.

The characters for shield and sword - a blue "dun" (盾) and a red "jian" (剑) - made in Wang Lijun's hand were once engraved onto the stone balls, as captured by a photographer on Mar 26 this year.

Now the big stone balls are bare.
Before his dramatic attempt to defect to the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu this February and subsequent jailing on charges of obstruction of justice, defection, abuse of power and bribe-taking, Wang Lijun was riding high at the vanguard of Chongqing's crackdown on criminal gangs.

It now seems that the city and it's police force are trying to remove any lingering reminders of the "Chongqing Patient."

Links and Sources
Economic Observer Online: The Chongqing Patient 重庆公安局大石球上的王立军题字被铲除 王立军题字被铲除 原刻于重庆公安局门前大石球上(组图) (1/8)


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