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China Numbers: Divorce Rates, Coal Tycoons and Li Kaifu


The numbers making news during the week of July 30, 2012

7.3 percent 
How much China’s divorce rate rose in 2011. Bloomberg looks at the always antagonistic relationship between Chinese mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

16.6 percent 
How much investment grew in Chinese real estate in the first half of 2012; down from a 30.2 percent rise over 2011. The Economist questions whether China’s real estate market is actually the most important sector in the world.

82 percent 
The proportion of China’s second generation rich who don’t wish to continue their family businesses, but hope to become officials. The Economic Observer looks at young coal tycoons finding their way into government.

98 percent 
The proportion of criminal trials that end with conviction in China. Wall Street Journal examines the murder case against Gu Kailai.

15 million 
The number of people that follow former Google executive Li Kaifu on Weibo. BBC reported this week that Li posted the home address and contact details of John Leonard, the US swimming coach who raised doubts about Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen’s record-breaking Olympic win.

600 million+
The number of Indians without power this week. Foreign Policy wraps up how this was viewed introspectively in the Chinese media.



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