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Puny Kids, Bullies and Life Without Diamonds

“Reinforcing defense co-operation with Vietnam, selling arms to Indonesia, reinserting American forces into the Philippines … come on! My view is this is a total overreaction to so-called PLA militarization and assertive behavior in the South China Sea. ''

Zhu Feng of Peking University’s international relations department

The Sydney Morning Herald


"We feel that we are the puny kid in the schoolyard,"

Albert del Rosario, secretary of the Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs, speaking after Philippine President Benigno Aquino met with U.S. President Barack Obama.

The Wall Street Journal


''After Ms. [Australia Prime Minister Julia] Gillard's explanation, SBY [Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono] was very happy. SBY suggested that the military training involved all ASEAN members, and that she should also invite China.”

Presidential spokesman Julian Aldrin Pasha said about Indonesia’s suggestion to invite Chinese army to conduct military exercises in ASEAN waters, aside from US soldiers, in an attempt to defuse tension.

The Sydney Morning Herald


"The time has come, I think, when we will be sleeping with the elephant.”

Marcos Cherem, president of Mexico's apparel industry trade group, said of the end of trade restrictions and how Mexico will fare against China's industrial heft.



"I am not begging, but I need help,"

Shivering Englishman Andrew Steven, who asking for money outside a Guangzhou subway station according to the Guangzhou Information Times

The Telegraph


“It’s my life’s work […] I can’t live without diamonds.”

Laurence Graff, chairman of Graff Diamonds Ltd., which is planning to raise $1 billion with a 2012 IPO in Hong Kong. In his pocket, Graff was carrying a diamond that he said was worth $50 million.

Bloomberg News


“China is on almost every dimension cheating.”

Mitt Romney, frontrunner for the U.S. Republican Party’s presidential nomination.



“If you listen to the typical Icelander, people are starting to understand that there is value in our nothingness, in our space,”

Halldor Johannsson, who represents Huang Nubo Huang in Iceland, where the former Chinese government official wants to build a resort.

The Washington Post


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