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Blue Skies, Fake Screens and Panda Care

“People exclaim in amazement: China is rising, the Chinese are rich! But behind this facade of power and prosperity there are details of which many people are unaware, and it is precisely these details that make my country a very strange place”

Chinese author Murong Xuecun



“The sky is blue.”

Chinese immigrant 


"FMCN has been fraudulently overstating the number of screens in its LCD network by approximately 50%."

Muddy Waters Research


"My parents have high hopes for me. They spent their life’s savings on my college tuition, I just can’t disappoint them by going back home like a loser,"

Song Yongliang, 28, who has been living in Beijing, mostly in basements, since 2008.

Global Times


“They said, ‘This photograph is an obscene photograph.’ I said, ‘I didn’t know that, what’s obscene about it?’ They said, ‘It’s just obscene.’ They’ve already decided that.”

Zhao Zhao, a videographer who took a nude photograph for Ai Weiwei.



 “What people normally care about is the number of the pandas, we care more about the quality of their habitat.”

Gu Xiaodong, a scientist with the Sichuan branch of the Wildlife Survey Conservation and Management in the Forestry Department, said.

NBC News


''If we do not have an international agreement whose effect is put in place by 2017, then the door to [preventing a global mean temperature rise of 2 degrees] will be closed forever.''

Fatih Birol, chief economist at the International Energy Agency

The Age


'While we are not a claimant in the South China Sea dispute and while we do not take sides, we have a powerful stake in maritime security in general and in the resolution of the South China Sea issue specifically, as a resident Pacific power, as a maritime nation, as a trading nation and as a guarantor of security in the Asia-Pacific region''.

Barack Obama, U.S. president

Sydney Morning Herald


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