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Selling Drugs, Arresting Maths Teachers and Buying Cars

"If I die, please blame my death on the math teacher. Let the police take her away,"
An 11-year-old pupil at a primary school in Funan, Anhui Province
Global Times

"The problem isn't with hospitals selling drugs, it's their monopoly on drug sales that is the problem,"
Zhu Hengpeng, a researcher with China Academy of Social Sciences
Global Times 

“Muddy Waters’ alleged ‘insider trading’ is actually our investors like Softbank, IDG, Goldman, add Dinghui and the leaders of two companies we acquired, Target Media and Frame Media. For them to sell is perfectly normal.”
Focus Media Vice President Ji Hairong

“As a fund manager, if I see a sell recommendation from Muddy Waters, I’m going to sell and ask questions later, and it looks like that’s what people did,”
Robert Lawton, managing partner at Catoosa Fund LP

“Customers are finding it tougher to get loans now and dealers are facing issues as well […] at the same time, demand from central and western parts of China is still propping up demand for passenger cars.”
Seiji Kuraishi, Honda’s head of China operations

“The Philippines will never be so naive that it would sacrifice its vested interests for an intangible and unreal promise from Washington to counterbalance China,”
Li Hongmei, editor at Xinhua News Agency

“China is sure to ask the E.U. to end its arms embargo and for the E.U. to grant China market economy status.”
Mathieu Duchâtel, foreign policy expert for the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
New York Times

"We see real risk that steel consumption volumes actually fall in 2012/2013 unless new stimulus programs replace those that are reaching completion."
Investment bank Nomura
Financial Times 

“Even an unbalanced recovery would be better than a balanced recession.”
Vice premier Wang Qishan.



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