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3G Users, Premature Puberty and CO2 Trading

Complied by Caitlin Coyle, a student from American University who is interning at the EO

$1.7 trillion 
As reported to Reuters, the amount that China will spend on strategic sectors, such as alternative energy, biotechnology, advanced equipment manufacturing, and new energy vehicles, within the next five years.

2.92 million
November 22, China Unicom Ltd. saw an explosion in subscribers to its 3G services in October, up 23.7%, or 2.92 million, year-on-year to 33.15 million.
Business China



Source: Outdoor Vancover


Number of cities to take part in a pilot greenhouse gas emission rights trading scheme in an effort to encourage carbon emission reductions,
Cities taking part in the scheme include Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Hubei and Guangdong, according to the National Development and Reform Commission.
Shanghai Daily

The percentage of girls in China entering premature puberty has jumped 10-fold from a decade ago due to increasing precocity-inducing additives in food, a survey by two local hospitals has concluded.
The sexual precocity rate among Chinese girls now stands at 5 percent, up from 0.5 percent 10 years ago, according to a joint investigation by the Shanghai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shanghai Children's Hospital affiliated to Jiao Tong University.
Shanghai Daily 

Number of South Korean Nationals living in Beijing's Wangjing area (according to Global Times).
Global Times





Number of Chengguan (urban management personnel) members busted for taking Crystal Meth at work
Global Times





22 bowls
The number of bowls of rice noodles a waitress in Changsha, Hunan Province can serve at one time.
Global Times

According to a survey recently conducted by China Youth Daily, nearly 82 percent of the respondents believe the current housing price control policies should be continued.
Nearly 1,900 people took part in the online survey, and 82.1 percent expect a further decline of the housing prices.
The survey also shows that 68 percent believe that the drop of the housing prices will not hurt their interests, while 21 percent oppose.
People\'s Daily

300 million
The number of registered microblog users in China. This is the latest statistic released at the 11th China Internet Media Forum in Hubei on Monday.
China Daily

1.74 billion tons
The reduction in carbon emissions by China between 2006 and 2010





20 points
Points scored by CBA drafted J.R. Smith, formerly of the Denver Nuggets, in his first League game, before becoming injured in the fourth quarter.
China Daily

43.6 minutes
Beijing residents took an average of 43.6 minutes per day to get to work last year, according to a report released by Beijing Union University (BUU). The report said women need a little more time than men to make the trip.
China National News



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