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Faith in Government, Coal Dependance and Delivery Fees

No. 1
China’s ranking in an online poll surveying trust in government among the citizens of 23 countries. Public relations firm Edelman, which organized the survey, labeled American citizens as “distrusters” based on their attitudes to their own government, which finished in 14th place.
The Asia Society suggested that the ‘trust table’ be considered alongside the Press Freedom Index complied by Reporters without Borders. China is 174th on that list. 

Close to 20%
The proportion of global coal trade that goes to China. This quantity, 150 million tons, still accounts for only 2% of China’s total coal consumption.
Wall Street Journal


137 deaths
…from food poisoning in China during 2011
China Radio International

5 yuan
…the delivery charge that customers on Amazon's Chinese site will now have to pay on orders of less that 29 yuan. Previously, the service has been free.  
China Radio International




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