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Spring Festival Luxuries, Youth Training and Missed Energy Targets

5.45 trillion yuan
Profit reported on China’s industrial enterprises. The NBS (National Bureau of Statistics) surveyed a total of 39 industries, of which 37 showed overall growth and only two showed declines. Profits have risen 25% in 2011.
Business China


The number of suicides committed by Chinese students in Shanghai in 2011, where twice as many students took their lives last year as in 2009.
Shanghai Daily

The reduction in energy consumption per unit of China’s gross domestic product in 2011, which was below the National Development and Reform Commission’s target of a 3.5% fall.
Business China

The government’s target for growth in 2012. Beijing is forecasting a slight acceleration in 2013,  when the forecast is for 8.7%. This is a significant decrease from the 9.2% growth experienced in 2011.
Global Times

7.2 billion yuan
The World Luxury Association reports that Spring Festival shoppers increased spending on luxury goods abroad during this year’s Spring Festival holiday. Spending has increased 29% from $5.7 billion to $7.2 billion during the same period.
Business China

…recent college graduates from the Xingjiang region will be given the opportunity to fill a variety of jobs upon completing a 2 year training program. In 2011, 12,000 college grads were sent to inland China in the first batch to launch the training programs as a solution to the potential for unrest by this youth sector.

The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp. (CASC) has increased its goal from previous years of launching 21 rockets and 30 satellites in 2012. Doing so works towards efforts to launch 100 rockets and 100 satellites over a 5 year period beginning in 2011.


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