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Microblogging Ultimatum, Prison Sentences, and Spring Festival Scalpers

$130 per square foot the cost for annual occupation of office space in Beijing. It is rated the 5th most expensive city for rental space after Moscow, Tokyo, and London. Beijing has risen in ranks from placing in 15th just one year ago. 
South China Morning Post 

6.3 billion yuan
...was released by the Ministry of Civil Affairs as relief efforts for winter-stricken areas in Beijing. 
China Daily

250 million
The number of Weibo users who must register their real identities to the microblog service providers before March 16 or risk being banned from accessing various functions of the microblogging site.
Global Times

Train tickets scalpers negotiating in Shanghai. Source: CFP
Ticket scalpers were arrested over the Spring Festival Holiday, pulling 65,000 illegal train tickets off the market. 

...injuries related for firecrackers have been reported since the beginning of Spring Festival this year. This week, officials encouraged citizens to return any unused fireworks for resale the following years. 
China Daily

2.1 million 
...Chinese couples were divorced in 2011, three-quarters of a million more than in previous years. The Ministry of Civil Affairs has been offering mediation services for couples in order to curb this high divorce rate. 
China Daily 

16 years 
Prison sentence for district official overseeing the construction of a Shanghai building as lawmakers enforce more penalties for those responsible for fire accidents. Now officials who head the city government will be held responsible. 
Global Times 

7 kgs
The weight of the heaviest baby to date born in China in the Henan Province. It's almost twice the size an average newborn. 
CRI English

Compiled by Thanmayi Rachapudi, a student from the University of Massachusetts who is interning at the EO


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