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China by Numbers: Mourning Whitney Houston

The numbers making the news on Monday Feb 13, 2012.

9.9 million barrels of oil per day
China's implied oil demand is likely to grow by a less-than-average 5 percent this year to 9.9 million barrels per day, an industry research group said on Thursday, as a slowdown in economic growth caps fuel consumption.

1000 experts
...are being brought in from other countries , under the ‘One Thousand Foreign Experts Project,’ over the next 10 years to promote research in scientific areas such as technology, education, manufacturing, and health.
China Daily

6.4 million
The number of students who have returned to China this Sunday by way of the railroad system Sunday to resume their college education after the end of the Spring Festival.
China Daily

23% growth the number of Chinese students studying abroad in the United States. This number reflects the growing efforts of the United States and China to increase the people-people exchanges to improve a variety of educational opportunities for these students.
Xinhua News Agency

700,000 micro blogs
...were posted to Weibo mourning the announcement of Whitney Houston's death Sunday February 12th.
People\'s Daily Online

780,000 people
The number of people living in China with HIV, a measure at risk for growth because of the new ‘real-name system’ being implemented creating an adverse affect because of people refraining to get tested due to the negative stigma surrounding the disease.
Global Times

4.42 million yuan investment was made to monitor PM 2.5 pollutants in an attempt to increase the number of ‘blue-sky days’. This investment hopes to reveal the extent of the pollution problem to accelerate the implementation of a solution.
Global Times

738.1 billion yuan
The People’s Bank of China has reported a lower than expected lending amount, down from 1 trillion yuan. This Spring Festival there was a greater demand for cash, limiting the lending amounts.


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