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Railways and Fertilizers Innovation




£3.7 million 

Chinese internet censors have erased news of Chong Hua Foundations’s £3.7 million donation after questions regarding the intentions of the donation. 
The Telegraph

...residents of Guangdong province are suffering from water pollution as initial investigations show that waste water was discharged into the stream, however, further investigations are underway. 

100 billion yuan 
...spent on luxury products yearly, as the Chinese demand has increased over 25 percent according to consultants at Bain & Co. 
China Daily

40 endangered tortoises
Four Chinese face deportation from Zimbabwe as investigators found the remains of 40 endangered tortoises as well as 13 live tortoises in their home. 

7 dollars
CEO of BHP Billiton, Marius Kloppers, says in an interview with ABC's Business Insider Program, "I think it's $7, or a little bit more, to take a ton of iron ore from Western Australia to China."

6,366 kilometers
The additional distance being constructed as an addition to China’s high-speed rail. This addition to the railway system will reduce the travel time from Beijing to Shenzhen, in southern China’s Guandong province, from 23 hours to 8 hours. 
China Daily

400 tons
The potential amount of fertilizer that Goldenway’s Gaoancun plant hopes to produce using the nearly 20,000 tons of food waste disposed daily in Beijing. By using a garbage eating enzyme, the company is able to put the otherwise useless garbage to good use. 
Smart Planet



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