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An Underground Forest and Millions of Men Living a Lie



Source: Penn News

2 million

The State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) plans to offer two million more Chinese access to electricity by the end of 2015. Between 2006 and 2010, SGCC achieved its goal of connecting an additional five million people to the grid.
China Daily

15 billion
...yuan worth of medium-term notes will be issued by the Ministry of Railways to fund expansion efforts.

The number of experts and scholars invited to Zhongnanhai, home to China’s top leaders, to give over 70 lectures in the past ten years. 
Global Times

The total arrests in the Shandong province for illegal production and sales of “gutter oil,” recycled cooking oil gathered from gutters. In one case, over 110 tonnes of gutter oil was being produced and sold, a felony punishable by ten years of prison. 
Global Times

16 million 
Experts estimate that as many as 16 million women in China are married to homosexual men, who are pressured to conform to mainstream values. 
China Daily

298 million 
...year old forest was discovered intact under a coal mine in Wuda, Inner Mongolia. Because of the volcanic ash, scientists are able to research every plant found and create models of what the forest looked like years ago. 

The occurrence of the Nanjing Massacre of 1937, when historians estimate that as many as 300,000 Chinese were killed, was questioned by Nagoya Mayor Kawamura Takashi in a meeting with Nanjing delegation. As a result, Nanjing plans to suspend all contact with the Japanese city Nagoya.



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