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Cutting Edge Buddhism, Toilet Time & Happy Drivers

“The [espionage case] is not as serious and dramatic as reported by the media...the defense ministry has already undertaken ample damage control by tightening up the information flow.”
David Lo, spokesman for Taiwan’s defense ministry

“Buddhism should keep up with the times and embrace modern technology to promote Buddha’s teachings in an innovative and recipient-friendly way.”
Master Xuecheng, Buddhist monk and prolific blogger
China Daily

I think there should definitely be more stalls for women, because women take longer.”
Wang Jianyi supproting Occupy Men's Toilet movement
New York Times

“Some Westerners say this is cruel- but I think the bears are making a contribution to mankind.”
Man in favor of bear bile extraction

“By the end of 2015, bring under basic control the rapid rise of the AIDS virus in main areas and among main groups of people and reduce the number of new infections by 25 percent compared with 2010 the number of new infections.”
Governmental plan to reduce new cases of AIDS

"All private aircraft operators are required to stop flying or training, and various ceremonies or sales promotions that use small aircrafts are banned.”
Zuo Baoshuan, deputy of management corps- Beijing municipal public security bureau

“[We must] explore a system for taxi driver leave, to protect drivers’ health...and let taxi drivers feel at ease to work happily.”
Vice Transport Minister, Feng Zhengling

“There is an obvious link between the excessive lead in those children’s blood in Kangqiao and the lead emissions by Johnson Controls.”
Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau



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