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International respects, growing altruism, and connecting youngsters


“DHL is preparing to handle massive shipments this week...[to buy up] as much space as it needs to make sure that iPads get to hungry consumers on time.”
Apple Insider
Business Insider

A very small group of men set policy in China, and they don’t see women’s rights as a mainstream issue.”
Hui Jin, postgrad veterinary student
New York Times

“Beijing hopes the 50th anniversary of [Lei Feng’s] death will ‘encourage altruism’ in a country where ‘many people are still reeling from several events in 2011, including the death of a 2- year-old girl who was ignored by passers-by after being run over [by a car].”
Article from China Daily featuring Lei Feng
The Atlantic

“We are ready to work with the United States and other countries in this region to develop an Asia Pacific that enjoys greater stability and development...At the same time we hope that the United States will respect China’s core interests and concerns.”
Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi
Daily Times

“The Ministry of Agriculture should simplify the rules on biotechnology because it slows effective use of research results.”
Huang Dafang, director of Biotechnology, Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

“China hopes to take real action to contribute to settlement of the Syrian crisis in an impartial and practical way that is acceptable to all parties concerned; Therefore, China believes it is necessary to further explain its policy and stand based on recent developments of the situation in Syria.”
Liu Weimin, Foreign Ministry spokesman

“We want to reconnect young people with Peking Opera and make it relevant to their lives...I believe it’s important to push the boundaries.”
Chen Shi-Zheng, director of “Farewell My Concubine”
MSNBC-Behind the Wall

“[There are] plans to further curb the overuse of antibiotics, including setting caps for the variety and use of ratio of antibiotics, and punishing doctors found to misuse antibiotics.”
China’s Health Authority
China Daily


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