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China Speak: China Bulls, Flood Deaths & Meritocrats

                 A flooded out taxi in Beijing, Tangshan District 

"At this point in time, with low valuation and massive shorts in the market, it is not rational to bet that China will further fall from here."

Herald Van Der Linde, head of equity strategy for Asia-Pacific at HSBC Holdings Plc., discusses why short bets on China are dangerous. Read more at Caijing.

“I am not optimistic as a result of blind patriotism, but because I’m an economist and need analyze the situation rationality.”

Former World Bank chief economist, Justin Yifu Lin responds to skepticism over his claim that China can maintain high growth for another 20-30 years. Read more in the Economic Observer.

“[In Beijing] they built a convention center equivalent to ours in nine months, and it took us nine months to get the escalators fixed in the Metro system.”

Washington D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray discusses his admiration for Chinese efficiency with Foreign Policy.

 “They must hide this.” 

A Fangshan man overlooks a flooded road with dozens of abandoned cars. He expresses doubt to McClatchy that the official Beijing flood death tolls are true.

We learned our lesson from SARS. Everyone should know that we’ll speak the truth.”

Beijing municipal government spokeswoman Wang Hui tries to assuage public skepticism about the Beijing flood death tolls by saying they learned lessons from attempts to cover up the 2003 SARS outbreak. Read more at Wall Street Journal.

"Do you really think we're not transparent? Actually we're extremely transparent."

 Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng tries to convince foreign reporters on an annual tour of Chinese military bases that the People’s Liberation Army has nothing to hide. Read more at Reuters

I wonder if the Chinese Communist Party can consider changing its name so that it better corresponds to the institutional reality of the organization […] A more accurate name might be the Chinese Meritocratic Union.”

Tsinghua Comparative Political Philosophy Professor Daniel Bell argues in The Christian Science Monitor that America's flawed democracy could learn from China's one-party rule.



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