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China Numbers: Bad Loans, Healthcare and Consulate Secrets



The numbers making news during the week of August 27, 2012

3 percent
The amount the domestic banking industry’s overall nonperforming-loan ratio will rise to, according to an estimate from a source at the China Banking Regulatory Commission. The ratio is 1 percent currently. Caijing

22 percent
The proportion of Chinese social media users that log in to US-based social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter on a daily or weekly basis. This compares to 88 percent in India. The Hindu

68 percent
The proportion of Chinese that think parents put too much pressure on students. Conversely, 64 percent of Americans think parents apply too LITTLE pressure to children. The Guardian

Number of Chinese officials investigated each year, most of whom are detained under shuanggui - an internal party justice system separate from the civilian legal system. The Economist

The latest settlement offer to American Leo Cao Liyu from the Ministry of Railways for the death of each of his parents – who were the only foreigners to die in the Wenzhou train crash last year. Leo is pushing for $1 million each. Wall Street Journal

$3-5 million
Price a former US consulate security guard was willing to sell consulate secrets to China for. NBC News

$1 trillion
The estimated cost of China’s healthcare spending in 2020 – triple what it is today. Wall Street Journal

The last time steel prices were as cheap in China as they are now, according to the Domestic Steel Composite Price Index made by the China Iron and Steel Association. Morning Whistle



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