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China Numbers: Cults, Cars & Air Pollution Deaths


The numbers making news around China during the week of Dec 17, 2012

96 percent
Proportion of the projected 2.3 million American-branded cars Chinese will buy this year that will have been made in China. Wall Street Journal

18 million
Number of total car sales expected in China for 2012. The Guardian

7.5 percent
China’s 2013 growth target – the same as 2012’s. Bloomberg

69,346 yuan
Average price a license plate fetched at Shanghai’s monthly auction last Saturday – the highest ever. China Daily

Number of people fined for jaywalking in Shanghai this year. Shanghaiist

2 million+
Number of iPhone 5s sold in China on their debut weekend in the country.

14 percent
Amount minimum wage in Dongguan is set to go up next month. Nanfang Insider

69.8 kilometers
Distance of new subway lines set to open in Beijing on Dec 28. Four new lines or extensions to existing lines will be added with 166 trains. Global Times

Number of people arrested from the Almighty God cult in Qinghai Province. The group has recently used doomsday predictions about Dec 21, 2012 as a means for recruitment. Global Times  

Premature deaths this year in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an and Beijing resulting from high levels of PM2.5 air pollution, according to study by Peking University's School of Public Health and Greenpeace. China Daily

45 million
Number of overseas Chinese in 2010, the world's greatest population of migrants, according to a report published by Social Sciences Academic Press. Xinhua



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