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Premier Li Vows to Increase Rural Student College Enrollment
Summary:The State Council has outline plans to boost college enrollment for rural students, as well as alleviate the graduate employment problem.

May 16, 2013
Translated by Zhang Xiaoxi

At an executive meeting of the State Council on Wednesday (May 15), Premier Li Keqiang urged greater efforts at raising the proportion of rural students in top colleges, as well as finding employment for graduates. 

This year, the government will expand the enrollment quota for students from poor rural areas attending top schools from 10,000 to 30,000. This includes students from all key counties listed in a national poverty alleviation program. The colleges and universities included are all 211 Project schools.  

The new enrollment quota will mainly be used to help students from central and western provinces that lack higher education resources and have greater competition for admission to well-known universities. 

Premier Li also said that China will see 6.99 million people graduate from college this year – a record high – which is adding pressure to the employment situation.

Li urged the government to provide more jobs for graduates and encourage them to work in the non-public economy, small and medium-sized companies and grassroots organizations.

The State Council will also encourage graduates to start their own businesses and has promised to provide training subsidies, loans, tax breaks and other incentives. In addition, financial aid will be given to graduates from low-income families.

The State Council stressed the need to promote equality in employment and prevent discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, disability or other factors.

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