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China Speak: Job Seekers, Subsidies & Blackmail

Photo: Applicant talks with a recruiter at a Shanghai job fair. Source: Xinhua

Quotes from around China this week

“If a Party member has a different belief from the Communist Party, he or she should apply to withdraw from the Party.”
- Cai Xia, a professor at the Party School of the Central Committee of the CPC, on recent calls to end the ban on religious beliefs among Party members. Global Times

I think they had high expectations their first year of all the things they could do with China. Then, starting with climate change, the disappointments followed one after the other.”
- Victor Cha, who served as director of Asian affairs at the White House from 2004 to 2007.  Foreign Policy

“Our findings contradict the widespread belief that China’s enormous success as an exporting nation derives primarily from low labor costs and deliberate currency undervaluation. There is enormous overcapacity and no gauging of supply and demand and we found that subsidies account for about 30 percent of industrial output. Most of the companies we looked at would probably be bankrupt without subsidies.”
- U.S.-based academic Usha Haley. Financial Times

“You shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you.”
- NYU law professor Jerome Cohen on Chen Guangcheng’s claims that he was being pushed out of the university. Foreign Policy

“Chinese college graduates these days think they’re really special. The problem is -- they’re the only ones who think that.”
- Jason Zhang, a recruiter at a Shanghai job fair. Marketplace

“The whole society must take action! Let’s engage a massive people’s war against blackmail crimes using Photoshopped obscene pictures.”
- A slogan from a campaign in Hunan aimed at stopping people who try to blackmail officials. New York Times


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