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China Numbers: BBQ, Beer & Fraudsters



The numbers making news around China during the week of July 29, 2013

$748 billion
Amount in market value the Shanghai Composite Index (SHCOMP) has lost since August 2009 – a 43 percent tumble. Only Greece’s ASE Index has fallen more in percentage terms. Bloomberg

20 percent
20 percent of the cost of a typical Chinese medication is spent on bribery related to medicine purchases and sales, according toYu Mingde, chief of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Enterprises Association. China Daily

20,000 yuan
Fine that BBQ stall owners will now face in Beijing – four times what it previously was. Authorities are cracking down under the banner of tackling air pollution. Global Times

48 percent
Proportion of the rise in urban housing costs from 2003 to 2009 estimated to sprout from competition for brides rooted in China’s gender imbalance. All China Women’s Federation

50 billion liters
China’s current annual beer consumption, making it the biggest market in the world. The Atlantic

60 million
Number of Chinese who had lost money to online fraudsters by 2011, with the total amount swindled exceeding $ 4.9 billion. 30 percent of all online shoppers have been victims of scams. Danwei

$17 trillion
Total debt in China, according to Wang Tao, chief China economist at UBS Securities (UBS). This represents 210 percent of the country’s GDP. Bloomberg Newsweek

Number of people who were killed or went missing in workplace accidents in China in the first half of 2013. Shanghaiist


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