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  • One Minister, Ten Deputies | 3-26 13:45
  • One minister and ten deputy ministers will be taking helm of the newly established "super ministry" of Human Resources and Social Security.
  • Zhejiang Reps Dive into Open Budgets | 3-25 17:10
  • After participatory budget reforms in a handful of Zhejiang towns, local representatives are seizing upon their newfound right to vet budget proposals.
  • China's Congress Revitalizes NDRC | 3-21 19:13
  • Caught in a current of reform that has spun off five new "super ministries", the NDRC, a colossus of Chinese bureaucracy, is being re-defined.
  • Officials Weave China's Housing Safety Net | 3-19 14:42
  • The last of our five-part special on the "five haves" delves on guaranteed housing in China. With the days of housing allotments arranged under the planned economy long gone, the Chinese government is now looking to guarantee housing through market means.
  • Calls for Tax and Budget Reform Echoed at Congresses | 3-14 20:23
  • Against the backdrop of China's state revenues growing faster than its GDP, representatives at the country's top legislative sessions called for lower taxes and more transparency.
  • State Council Reform: Break Down, Rebuild, Rinse, and Repeat | 3-6 19:25
  • Two new reform plans take up the torch for a leaner State Council with clearer jurisdictions for its member organs. But can it make sense of managing China's colossal energy resources?
  • Expert: China's Price Intervention Six Months at Most | 2-21 14:25
  • Interviews: The Chinese government's interventions in food prices have stirred concerns among businesses. The EO interviews a government official and a market researcher.
  • Shi Yajun: Surveying the Chinese Government | 1-23 18:52
  • In what is possibly the largest ever survey on Chinese government administration since 1949, academics go from province to province to interview officials and collect data. The EO has an exclusive interview with Shi Yajun, director of the project.
  • Drafter: China's State Asset Bill Still Flawed | 1-10 15:02
  • Despite 15 years of deliberation and significant progress, the latest draft of a state-owned assets bill still leaves much to be desired, says Li Shuguang, a drafter.
  • Tax Reform in 2008 | 1-2 13:32
  • China's Finance Minister has provided clues to the major emphasis of 2008's tax reforms, including VAT amendments and environmental tax studies.
  • Central Dossier No. 1 to Focus on Agriculture | 12-25 18:29
  • The Chinese government is expected to highlight agriculture issues and raising rural incomes in the next of its annual policy priority reports.
  • New Party Chiefs in Chongqing and Guangdong | 12-20 13:45
  • Two new party leaders are taking charge of Chongqing and Guangdong, fueling hopes of further reform and opening up.
  • China Welcomes its First Judge in WTO | 12-5 14:19
  • An exclusive interview with Zhang Yuejiao, the first Chinese national who has made it into the WTO appellate body. Zhang reflects on her career and shares a lighther side of her personality with EO journalist Meng Fanhong.
  • Limiting Foreign Investment in Real Estate | 11-13 17:35
  • The Chinese government has passed stricter guidelines on foreign investment in real estate, chiefly to prevent the manipulation of prices on residential units.
  • Drug Price Reform in Crisis | 11-1 17:56
  • A year after the Department of Health began a drug price reform pilot in Beijing, government funding and drug inventories at clinics are drying up, leaving many customers unable to buy the medicine they rely on.
  • Spending Spree for the Bureaucracy | 10-26 15:36
  • The government has urged various ministries to spend the rest of their budgets on time or risk having cuts next year. The call has led to a knee-jerk reaction, but are the funds being well-spent?
  • The Lowest Subway Fare in China | 10-10 12:35
  • Against the backdrop of an emerging traffic crisis, Beijing has slashed subway fares and introduced unlimited transfers to coax commuters into leaving their keys at home.
  • SEPA: After the Storm | 9-17 22:05
  • Months after the state environmental watchdog shut down a slew of polluting businesses, a city on the brink of an environmental meltdown turns around key industries.
  • Audit Storm is a Paper Tiger | 7-27 18:30
  • The National Audit Office has wrapped up the latest report in its "audit storm", but the sweeping malfeasance discovered has still gone unpunished.
  • Cadres in Hubei: The Right Stuff | 5-30 11:30
  • Hubei province is in the midst of a pilot project to scatter its best and brightest throughout the countryside to manage towns and villages with official sanction. But it's not good news to all...

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