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  • Taxi Companies Clash with Drivers Over Paid Leave | 11-13 14:53
  • Multiple contracts, scarce licenses and debt have combined to form a fierce battle over vacation benefits for Beijing taxi drivers.
  • Chinese Students Don’t “Get” British Education | 11-7 10:20
  • Many Chinese students choose American universities over British because of poor marketing and policy confusion from the latter.
  • Pension Fund Reforms Stall | 10-23 11:14
  • Reforms that would have allowed local pension funds to invest in the stock market have stalled.
  • Shaking Up Beijing’s Taxi Market | 10-18 16:06
  • Innovative start-ups are struggling to capitalize on the huge gap between transportation supply and demand in the capital.
  • Four Long Years | 9-21 10:10
  • Four years after the world economic crisis began, some workers in the financial industry feel like history is repeating itself.
  • Private Capital Shuns Railways | 9-20 12:17
  • Despite government efforts to open more areas to private capital, investors are wary of investing in railway projects.
  • Manufacturers Reject Business to Stay Profitable | 9-17 18:08
  • Changes in China’s Labor Law and workers' attitudes are making it difficult for businesses that rely on a flexible work force.
  • David Daokui Li: China’s Economy has Entered a Bumpy Period | 9-13 10:19
  • David Daokui Li says China will have a painful economic transition over the next 2-3 years, but will then turn a corner.
  • Property Tax Inspection Tightens | 9-12 13:49
  • Declining fiscal revenue is prompting local governments to get stricter on tax collection from real estate developers.
  • The Rebirth of Chongqing | 9-11 17:50
  • The city aims to double industrial output by the end of 2015 by ploughing 1.5 trillion yuan of investment into the economy.
  • Prescriptions for Local Debt | 8-7 17:44
  • Three economists suggest solutions to the fiscal debt crisis hitting local governments
  • China May Introduce Prime Rate | 7-17 21:32
  • The central bank may introduce the prime rate, which usually reflects the price commercial banks charge for loans to reliable customers and serves as a peg for other loans.
  • Q&A - Justin Yifu Lin | 7-17 18:49
  • The thoughts of the former World Bank chief economist on special interest groups, infrastructure investment, market pricing and the pace of China's growth.
  • Chinese Exporters Hoard Dollars | 7-12 16:44
  • When China’s largest shoe manufacturer gets paid, it’s often in dollars – and now, for the first time in years, it’s banking those payments without converting them into yuan.
  • Time for "Taxpayer Consciousness" | 7-5 16:54
  • The Dean of the National Academy of Economic Strategy tells the Economic Observer that China's taxpayers should know more about where their money goes.
  • May's Surprise Trade Figures | 6-21 17:46
  • A closer look at the surprise jump in China's trade figures in May.
  • Rescuing GDP Growth | 5-28 18:02
  • More than 70 projects that the NDRC had planned for the second half of this year have been fast tracked for approval.
  • Beijing Pledges Cash To Chongqing | 5-21 17:33
  • Led by a deputy premier who replaced the ousted Bo Xilai, Chongqing has secured investments worth 350 billion yuan from centrally-controlled state enterprises.
  • Beijing's Credulous Home Buyers | 5-11 17:17
  • Developers in the capital, where home buyers must put up at least 30% of a property's sale price, are winning customers by offering to defer that down payment.
  • Tianjin’s Precarious Growth | 5-3 18:23
  • Tianjin is seeking to sell control of a major securities firm in a deal that highlights the debts taken on by the municipality as it rose up the regional growth table.

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