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  • Holding Back the Middle Class | 4-12 16:36
  • Restrictions on entrepreneurship are holding back the growth of China’s middle class, says Yale finance professor Chen Zhiwu.
  • Interview: "Currency Wars" Author | 3-27 12:06
  • Song Hongbing says China should push currency integration across Asia, learning from Germany, which gave up the deutschmark but got control of Europe and the euro.
  • A New Approach to Iron Ore Negotiations? | 3-13 15:33
  • China's central government maybe have lifted the contentious issue of iron ore pricing to one of national strategic significance
  • Slow Progress on Homes Database | 2-27 15:24
  • The housing ministry's plans to create a database of home owners could focus unwelcome attention on officials' bloated property portfolios.
  • Tough Times Ahead for Big SOEs | 2-1 15:23
  • Despite the many advantages and the perceived strength of China's large SOE, many companies are likely to experience difficulties over the coming months.
  • Transfer Payments – Is the East Paying the West's Bills? | 12-22 11:14
  • The central government's share of China's total fiscal revenue has grown to 52 percent in 2010, up from 22 percent in 1993.
  • Spending Proceeds of Land Sales | 12-22 11:12
  • Until now, local governments have been fairly free in choosing how to spend the revenue that they earn from selling long-term land leases.
  • Planners' Helpful Underestimates | 12-22 11:07
  • Food Safety Standards Relaxed | 12-22 1:16
  • The Ministry of Health will introduce new food safety standards for certain kinds of frozen foods on Dec 21.
  • All Unclear for Local Gov Bonds | 12-21 17:57
  • While a company can't issue bonds without providing clear and comprehensive accounts, China's local governments can, despite their mysterious budgets and balance sheets.
  • Cash-starved Local Governments | 12-20 14:55
  • Will Housing Projects Boost GDP? | 12-9 14:56
  • As developers shun subsidized housing projects and analysts question 2011's construction statistics, can we really pin growth hopes on the 36 million new homes?
  • Chongqing's Boost from SOEs | 12-1 15:12
  • An interview with the man overseeing state-owned enterprises in Chongqing, the municipality proud of its pioneering approach and 17% growth rate.
  • The Burden of Subsidized Housing | 11-30 17:21
  • Construction started on 10 million subsidized homes in 2011, but who is paying for the projects and how are commercial developers coping?
  • Labor Law Faces Overhaul in '12 | 11-23 17:46
  • Next years is likely to see changes to the Labor Law, which was implemented in 1995 and sets a maximum of 44 hours work a week.
  • VAT to Replace Turnover Tax | 11-15 22:45
  • Shanghai will launch a pilot tax reform project from Jan 1 next year that will start the city down the path of replacing corporate income tax or turnover tax with value added tax (VAT).
  • Why China's Rich Want to Flee | 11-10 19:45
  • The deputy director of Tsinghua's Institute of Economics explains what's driving some of the country's richest citizens to consider leaving
  • Liu - The Banker Made Regulator | 11-10 15:02
  • Liu Mingkang, who has been overseeing the banking sector since 2003, stepped down last month. We look at his legacy.
  • Ministry of Railways Seeks Cash | 11-7 15:01
  • The heavily indebted Ministry of Railways has asked the central government for a further 800 billion yuan in additional funds
  • Planners' Helpful Underestimates | 11-3 18:14
  • Governments normally blame forecasters when tax revenues exceed projections, but China's excesses are too large and too frequent for that explanation.

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