Economic  Observations 

China's Taxis
Shanghai comes out top in a brief overview of taxi services in the major cities.
8月3日 18:20
Another God to Worship
Another attempt at finding an alternative to GDP as a measure of development
8月2日 19:35
The Forbidden Drama: Excuses and Suspicions
Recent goings on at Beijing's Forbidden City have left web users furious at the incompetence and perceived corruption of officials
5月19日 18:49
Viewing China
Comparing Mao's Last Dancer and the documentary Last Train Home
4月21日 14:01
How the Earthquake in Japan Caused a Run on Salt in China
In China, people tend to take rumors seriously, as media censorship and state monopoly have pushed the public to turn to unofficial channels to seek for the elusive "truth"
3月22日 11:10
Stop Relishing over the Pain of Japan
Relishing over the disaster in Japan is simply mean and inhumane
3月14日 18:22
Is China Getting Serious About Corruption?
The Communist Party's anti-graft body takes down a minister
3月9日 15:07
China's Dubious Statistics Trend
How recent employment statistics announced by MOHRSS highlight the unreliability of government statistics...
1月26日 18:33
How Should History be Written?
Should history focus on individuals? Should it allocate blame?
1月14日 18:58
Attitudes Towards Violence in China
In China it seems socially acceptable to resort to violence in an argument, but not in a criminal context...
1月7日 15:33
Changing for China
How life in China has meant adapting to a new normal with Chinese characteristics...
12月15日 11:48
One Week in November
How this week's events are better than fiction.
11月30日 16:32
The Awkward Dance of Foreign Relations
In the modern era where a country can no longer make the populace of its trading partner addicted to Opium in order to increase its exports, world leaders have no choice but to bite their tongues if they want access to the China market.
11月12日 16:42
Merry Halloween!
Getting into the holiday spirit in China...
11月4日 11:23
China's Self Inflicted Soft Power Struggle
Why China's push for soft power using film and TV will fail.
10月26日 11:38
Chinese Tourists Start their Global Conquest
As countries strive to attract Chinese tourists should they be careful what they wish for?
10月15日 18:11
A History of Anger
From a young age, people in China have been trained to hate Japan, and due to Japan’s previous actions in China, this indoctrination is not difficult to accomplish. The recent boat collision has added fuel to the fire of Chinese nationalist anger.
9月24日 13:19
Reflections on Jane Goodall's Visit to Beijing
Acclaimed British primatologist and environmental activist Jane Goodall was in Beijing this week
9月17日 18:09
ADB Report Angers Middle Class in China
Why is China's middle class upset at being labeled middle class?
9月15日 13:42
How Much is that Panda Doggie in the Window?
Trendsetting pets in Beijing
9月6日 17:30


NDRC Sets Benchmark Price for
The new benchmark price is likely to help boost the profitability of photovoltaic projects and encourage more investment...
China Shuts Down 583 Lead-acid
A total of 583 lead-acid battery manufacturing plants have been shut down over recent months as part of a campaign to st...
Reluctant Transparency
Central government departments grudgingly reveal glimpses of spending on cars, overseas tr


Despite an increase in the pro