Economic  Observations 

Impressions of Democracy
A review of Kerry Brown's recent talk on village democracy in rural China to the Foreign Correspondents Club of China
9月3日 14:24
Shop or Drop?
Can China's consumers save the world?
8月27日 15:38
Lights on or off?
The growing housing crisis in China's cities
8月20日 14:56
Chomsky at Peking University
How did local students react to Noam Chomsky's recent lecture at Beida?
8月18日 14:06
I Can't Breathe
Living alongside the pollution in Beijing...
8月13日 11:52
Running with the PIGS in Europe
Rickshaws with German Characteristics
7月29日 13:07
Running with the PIGS in Europe
Raining on the Parade
7月27日 14:15
Running with PIGS in Europe
Ni Hao Brussels!
7月26日 18:55
Running with PIGS in Europe
A Minor Example of How Competition from China is Effecting Europe
7月23日 15:06
Running with Pigs in Europe
Interviewing the Deputy Prime Minister of Greece
7月20日 12:54
Running with Pigs in Europe
Want to buy some … ?
7月19日 15:14
Running with Pigs in Europe
COFFEE AND YOUTIAO:Churros I found in Madrid looked and tasted like youtiao sold on the streets of most Chinese cities.
7月15日 17:39
Running with Pigs in Europe
When we met with a representative of Spain's central bank - one of the topics we discussed was the overcapacity in the Spanish banking sector.
7月15日 11:59
Interview with Spanish Treasury's Director General
The EO is currently in Europe interviewing government employees, market figures, and local Chinese enterprises to see first hand how Europe is dealing with the recession.
7月15日 11:46


NDRC Sets Benchmark Price for
The new benchmark price is likely to help boost the profitability of photovoltaic projects and encourage more investment...
China Shuts Down 583 Lead-acid
A total of 583 lead-acid battery manufacturing plants have been shut down over recent months as part of a campaign to st...
Reluctant Transparency
Central government departments grudgingly reveal glimpses of spending on cars, overseas tr


Despite an increase in the pro