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Commentary from This Week's Paper
Are Red Channels Good? Vote with your Remote, the Chinese Government has Lost Public Trust, and Do Not Let Reform follow the path of China's "No-Smoking" Failure
1月13日 17:30
44.7% of Chinese Feel Happy
A recent survey shows that 44.7 percent of Chinese citizens surveyed feel happy or very happy...
1月12日 12:52
Commentary from This Week's Paper
Why Do News Stories Disappear and Why People Don't Believe the Police?
1月6日 20:09
Commentary from This Week's Paper
Economic Growth has not Resulted in Income Growth, Replacing the Term "Prostitution" with "Losing one's Footing" is Still Discrimination, NDRC Should Deal with Industry Monopolies
12月17日 17:50
China Poll: Would You Mooch to Get What You Want?
How many people are willing to leech off of the wealthly and powerful in China?
12月10日 19:41
Views from the East: Climate Change
Chinese media responses to the Cancún climate change summit and a survey of how Chinese netizens view climate change...
12月10日 17:41
Commentary from This Week's Paper
We Are Also Zhou Libo, WikiLeaks: Information Terrorism or Democratization of Information?, China Unicom's iPhone Service is in Trouble
12月9日 18:03
Commentary from This Week's Paper
Through WikiLeaks, We see the "Weakness" of American Government, Does Law Exist? People's Railway Once Again Fails to Stand up on Behalf of the People
12月3日 17:57
China Poll: What are the Advantages of China's Political System?
This month, People's Tribune Magazine asked the public and 105 political experts and government cadres for their opinions on the country's political system.
11月29日 17:39
Views from the East: What to Make of the North-South Korea Tension
Chinese commentators respond to the North and South Korean conflict and its possible implications for the world...
11月29日 16:22
Commentary from This Week's Paper
The Local Government Should be Responsible for Zhengzhou's Water Main Explosions, We Should Treat Government Car Reform Like GDP, Delays in Market Reform are the Real Cause of Inflation
11月25日 17:42
China Poll: How Important are Grey Skills?
A recent survey found that roughly 70% of Chinese believe that "grey skills" are an important part in one's career life.
11月22日 11:54
Views From the East: Calls for Accountability in Wake of Shanghai Fire
Chinese commentators have responded to the tragedy with a call for accountability, greater attention to fire and construction safety and reflections on the speed of China's urban development
11月18日 19:49
Commentary from This Week's Paper
Commentary from this week's paper: Donations are a Disguise for Tobacco Profiteers, How the General Administration of Customs Serves the People...
11月18日 17:40
China Poll: Are Chinese Officials Afraid of the Internet?
According to a survey carried out by the People's Forum Online, People's Daily Online, and Tencent, the answer is overwhelmingly yes.
11月17日 15:23
Views from the East: October's CPI Increase
What does the rise in CPI mean for China? We have taken a look at what economists and commentators from the Chinese media have been saying...
11月16日 14:01
Commentary From This Week's Paper
This week's opinion pieces: Morality Is Not a Weapon, It's the Bottom Line. The "Disruptive" Asian Games, and Suggestions for how to Form a "Good Government"
11月11日 17:44
China Poll: Sino-Japanese Relations
What's the first thing you think of when someone refers to Japan?
11月9日 20:04
China Poll: 360 or QQ?
What do Chinese internet users think of the faceoff between Tencent and 360safe?
11月5日 18:11
Tencent vs. 360 Commentary Wrap
Commentary on Tencent vs. 360 conflict: QQ Users are not Weapons, You've got Balls, Tencent, Blame is Being Heaped on Tencet From Every Direction
11月4日 17:20


NDRC Sets Benchmark Price for
The new benchmark price is likely to help boost the profitability of photovoltaic projects and encourage more investment...
China Shuts Down 583 Lead-acid
A total of 583 lead-acid battery manufacturing plants have been shut down over recent months as part of a campaign to st...
Reluctant Transparency
Central government departments grudgingly reveal glimpses of spending on cars, overseas tr


Despite an increase in the pro