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In Pictures: A New Home in the Desert
Desertification drives a nomadic community in inner mongolia to settle in a new land.
1月25日 16:55
In Pictures: Chinese in the Russian Far East
Crossing borders into the unknown, Chinese sought new opportunities in Russia.
1月18日 17:58
Donghu, an AIDS Village
Years after illegal blood banks infected Henan donors with HIV, villages are struggling to survive.
1月11日 16:51
Along the Tracks
Railway lines in northeastern China once gave life and vigor to communities living along the tracks until market economy changed that.
1月4日 21:59
The Road to Urbanization
For the Miao minority living in the mountains of Rongjiang, a lack of transportation access has helped keep their traditions and culture intact. Slowly, however, change is coming.
12月28日 19:50
The Village of Hepatitis B
Many villagers have fled Xingwang village in Hubei province, whose waters are coursing with Hepatitis B and other disease. Those who remain struggle against discrimination and the constant threat of infection.
12月21日 20:46
Life in Symbiosis
At a frontier outpost between China and Vietnam, thriving trade has attracted illegal immigrants, whom the locals depend on for labor and side incomes.
12月14日 17:00
The Lonesome Guardians of the Tibetan Antelope
In a vast, unpopulated region bordering Tibet, stalwart communities of rangers edure perpetual solitude and the forces of the nature while guarding over an endangered antelope.
12月7日 16:17
Surviving a Scorched Land
Xihaigu region in Ningxia province - a Hui autonomous region - has been termed as one of the most unsuitable places on earth for human habitation.
12月3日 17:06


NDRC Sets Benchmark Price for
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Reluctant Transparency
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