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China Speak: SOEs, Bribes & Apple-bashing

People pose by the buildingof the soon-to-be dismantled Ministry of Railways. Photo:CNS

Quotes from around China this week.

“The big question is whether the Chinese can ever accept a political system that is open enough to allow the open-knowledge networks that are required for truly modern innovative post-industrial economy. Right now I don’t see it.”
- Economist Arthur Kroeber, founder of the research firm Dragonomics. Wall Street Journal

“Confucius once said ‘During your parents’ lifetime, do not journey afar.’ This is no longer possible in modern Chinese society because the consequence of not journeying afar may be to give up one’s career development.”
-  Yuan Xin, director of Nankai University’s Aging Development Strategy Research Center in Tianjin. Bloomberg

“China is about to bring on the structural reforms that will ultimately reduce the old SOEs to ashes.”
- Paul Markowski, President of New York-based MES Advisers and a long-time adviser to China's financial authorities. Reuters

Wow, Apple has so many tricks in its after-sales services. As an Apple fan, I’m hurt. You think this would be acceptable to Steve Jobs? Or to those young people who sold their kidneys [to buy iPads]? It’s really true that big chains treat customers poorly. Post around 8:20.”
-The Sina Weibo account of celebrity Peter Ho. While he claims that his account was hacked, many believe that the last line, “post around 8:20”, is evidence that Ho (and other prominent Weibo users who also posted similar attacks on Apple around 8:20) was paid to bash Apple as part of a smear campaign by CCTV. Tea Leaf Nation

"Everyone was doing it. My bribes were the lowest, so I wasn't elected.”
- Huang Yubiao, a real estate millionaire who failed to buy a seat on the Hunan Province People's Congress. NPR

“Although the Holy Father has always been at looking after the flock on both sides of the Strait, it is unlikely the Vatican would switch any time soon, unless Beijing can show more leniency on freedom of worship and assembly.”
-Hong Kong’s Cardinal Joseph Zen, on the prospect of the Vatican giving up its recognition of Taiwan under the new pope. The Wall Street Journal



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