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China Numbers: Loans, Lottery & an Arms Deal

Photo: Xinhua

The numbers making news around China during the week of Mar 25, 2013

$6.5 million
Amount that a Chinese mother spent on a Manhattan apartment for her two-year-old daughter – whom she assumes will eventually study at Columbia University. South China Morning Post

97 percent
Estimated proportion of China’s 42 million small businesses that can’t get bank loans, which has led to a flourishing shadow lending industry. Bloomberg

2 billion yuan
Losses registered last year by Li Ning Company Ltd., one of China's largest sportswear suppliers. Economic Observer

70 percent
Proportion of Chinese employers who say they don’t give preference to job applicants who have studied overseas. Almost 8 percent say they actually prefer not to hire these “hai gui,” according to the recruiting agency Zhilian Zhaopin. Wall Street Journal

1 in 80
Odds you have in this month’s lottery if you want a Beijing license plate. These are the lowest odds since the license plate lottery was launched in 2011. People’s Daily

42 percent
Proportion of the 745 feature films produced in China last year that actually made it onto movie screens. This compares to about three-fourths of American feature films that end up in cinemas. Wall Street Journal

16.3 trillion yuan
Amount local government debt will reach this year, equivalent to 29 percent of the country's GDP, according to a report by Huatai Securities. Caixin

$3.5 billion
Value of deal Russia may sign to sell China fighter jets and submarines. This would be the first such major weapons deal between the two countries in nearly 10 years. Reuters



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