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China Numbers: Bankruptcy, Nepotism & Sex Trafficking

Photo: Visitors at the 113th Canton Fair

The numbers making news around China during the week of May 6, 2013

$21.5 million
Opening day revenue for Iron Man 3 in China, making it the highest ever opening day take in the country. Wall Street Journal

15 percent
University graduates with officials in their family can earn 15 percent more at their first job out of college than others with the same academic abilities. Global Times

$6.6 billion
Size of China’s sanitary pad market in 2010. Danwei

7.06 percent
Increase in the number of overseas purchasers at the 113th Canton Fair in April over the previous session held in October. Xinhua

265.9 million
The number of Chinese employed in agriculture fell to 265.9 million in 2011 from 364 million a decade earlier, with the proportion of the labor force dropping to 34.8 percent from 50 percent. Bloomberg

85.7 percent
Year-on-year increase in the number of bankruptcy cases filed with the Zhejiang Province Higher People's Court in 2012. Global Times

80 percent
Proportion of North Koreans that flee into China each year that are women. The majority of these women become victims of sex trafficking. Sino-NK

13 yuan
The new base fare for taxi rides in Beijing for the first 3 km, up from 10 yuan. The rate per km after that will rise to either 2.3 yuan or 2.6 yuan from the current 2 yuan. Xinhua

38.1 percent
Proportion of urban Chinese residents who hold conservative values, are more critical of overall individualism and leaned towards the "left," according to a survey by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Only 8 percent leaned to the "right," supporting more individual freedoms and a smaller government. South China Morning Post



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