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China Numbers: Scams, Racists & Public Urination


The numbers making news around China during the week of May 20, 2013

71.8 percent
Proportion of Hong Kongers who said they “would not want a neighbor of a different race.” The proportion was 15.5 percent in mainland China. Shanghaiist

17.4 billion yuan
Amount that the troubled solar panel manufacturer Wuxi Suntech owes its creditors. Economic Observer

Number of U.S. Dollar millionaires living in Beijing. A Luxury Travel Blog

$125 billion
Amount China plans to spend on domestic security this year at all levels – more than it spends on the military. AFP

50,000 to 350,000 yuan
Amount that about 500 college students were each cheated out of in a “cash-for-jobs” scam in Shanxi. Altogether, the gang responsible swindled 90 million yuan. The Guardian

$8.1 trillion
Amount that China needs in new investment by 2020 to accommodate a burgeoning population of city-dwellers, according to the president of China Development Bank. Bloomberg

$6.5 billion
Estimated economic losses caused by the outbreak of the H7N9 Bird Flu. Reuters

100 yuan
Amount two foreigners in Shanghai were each fined for public urination after a video and a multi-day investigation led local authorities to them. Shanghai Daily



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