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China Speak: Boston, Black PR & Uncivilized Tourists

Quotes from around China this week

"I feel like a war criminal. It is painful to speak of such things and I would rather cover it up. It is painful, but I must speak."
- Masayoshi Matsumoto, a 91-year-old former medic for the Japanese army in China during World War II, who has spoken out about the practice of soldiers taking “comfort women.” Reuters

"As a Chinese citizen, on his activities overseas he should know how to protect the country's dignity and fulfill his responsibilities as a citizen."
- Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei on Chen Guangcheng’s upcoming visit to Taiwan. Reuters

"I walked up and volunteered to help show that she is just as part of Boston as anyone else."
- Kyle Shade, who carried a Chinese flag across finish line at the symbolic “last mile” of the Boston Marathon. He carried it in honor of Lu Lingzi, one of the three spectators who were killed in the bombings in April. NPR

"It does not matter how big or sensitive the story is, we can make it disappear." 
- A manager at Yage Times, China's largest "black" public relations firm. The Telegraph

"I'm not good-looking so I play a Japanese soldier. I would really prefer playing a soldier in the Eighth Route Army."
- Shi Zhongpeng, a stunt man who frequently appears in anti-Japanese dramas. Reuters

“They speak loudly in public, carve characters on tourist attractions, cross the road when the traffic lights are still red, spit anywhere and [carry out] some other uncivilized behavior. It damages the image of the Chinese people and has a very bad impact.”
- Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang on Chinese tourists abroad. LA Times



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