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  • Chinese State Firms Battling Distrust Abroad | 8-12 15:23
  • Reminiscent of the failed Unocal deal for US oil assets, an Australian infrastructure bid was rebuffed due to distrust over the bidder's Chinese backing.
  • SOE Trim-down Collides With Antitrust Law | 8-6 14:51
  • Chinese regulators have mandated the number of state-owned firms to be trimmed down by up to 46% by 2010, but the new Anti-monopoly Law may become a legal hurdle for the mergers needed to do so.
  • State-Owned Chinese Firms Face Credit Drought Risks | 8-1 15:58
  • In reports handed recently to China's state-owned assets watchdog, state firms listed tight credit among the most serious risks they face.
  • New Pains for Beijing Online-Stores | 7-30 15:54
  • From August 1, profit-oriented, Beijing-based online communities hosted on Chinese e-commerce websites must obtain a business permit from the City's industry watchdog.
  • Foreign Plants Retreating from China | 7-30 15:35
  • In response to oil price spikes, tax adjustments, and a rising yuan, industry observers are wondering if China will abdicate its throne as the factory of the world in the near future.
  • A Professor's Life in the Air | 7-30 13:21
  • A frenzy of demand for clarification and training in China's Antitrust Law, which comes into effect on August 1, has left legal expert Huang Yong sapped.
  • Price Plight for China's Macro-Watchdog | 7-30 12:04
  • The ever-rising producer's price index has become a hot potato for macro-policymakers.
  • Multinational Denies Manipulating Food Prices | 7-28 18:15
  • Critics in China have been accusing multinational agriculture conglomerates as the invisible hand behind the global food price surges. One of the world's big-four agro-company Cargill, however, rebuked such charges when interviewed by the EO.
  • Tax Dilemma for China's Ministry of Finance | 7-24 11:59
  • Just as businesses are clamoring for lower taxes, the Ministry of Finance needs to increase tax revenues to cover losses suffered in a year riddled with natural disasters.
  • Where Have the Migrant Workers Gone? | 7-18 13:10
  • Attractive rumeneration packages offered by oversea companies have been draining workers from China's construction sites.
  • Possible Tax Liabilities for Firms Setting Salaries by Fiat | 7-15 17:01
  • If salaries aren't set by communal argeement with labor representatives, businesses would have to count them as profits - and thus make them subject to a 25% income tax - according to a clause recently added to corporate salary regulations.
  • Of Guarantee and Usury in Wenzhou | 7-15 15:46
  • Once introduced as policy-driven agencies to enhance loan access for local development, some credit guarantee companies in Wenzhou today have turned to the usury business.
  • Small Changes, Big Difference for Antitrust Law Rules | 7-14 11:07
  • An important clause has been deleted from draft rules meant to flesh out China's Antitrust Law, which will come into effect next month.
  • The Cold War Against Warm Milk | 7-11 16:04
  • Chinese dairy activist Wang Dingmian is on a mission to prove that warm-storage milk, a staple of Chinese supermarkets, can be nutritionally inferior to its regridgerated counterparts.
  • Housing Market on the Brink | 7-10 16:36
  • Chinese officials are becoming increasingly concerned with risks in the housing market, and met frequently with industry leaders last month to assess the situation.
  • Battling for Coal | 7-8 11:52
  • Thermal power plants nationwide are competing for coal, driving up prices for the resource and threathening electricity production. Political will is needed to resolve the shortage, reports EO reporter Xie Liangbin.
  • Routed in Negotiations, China Pays Double to Secure Iron Ore | 7-4 12:23
  • BaoSteel was strongarmed in negotiations with Australian iron ore firms due to the latters' skilled use of international media, which they used to influence the environment of the talks and put the Chinese on the defensive.
  • Hopes and Strains in China's Oversea Farming Plan | 7-3 17:01
  • China has been drafting an oversea farming blueprint to encourage state-owned agriculture businesses to rent or buy land abroad for planting, especially soy bean.
  • Guidelines Call for Chinese Pay to Rise with Inflation | 7-2 17:28
  • Pay raise guidelines under draft by the Chinese government intends to grant workers unions more voice in negotiating collective agreements.
  • Oil Giants Behind Ten-day About-face in Fuel Prices | 6-25 16:34
  • Two state-owned oil giants played a pivotal role in pushing for the recent domestic fuel price hike in China.

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