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  • Grain Stores for Anything but Grain | 4-8 13:26
  • Some of China's grain stores are either lying empty or have been converted for other use. Though a government investigation played down the discovery, agriculture scientist Yuan Longping speaks out strongly on the issue.
  • China Ups Summer Grain Defences | 4-3 15:04
  • The Chinese government has upped a subsidy package for farmers to guarantee that the summer harvest will meet domestic demand. But some say that it's not enough.
  • From China Made to China Consumption | 4-1 13:09
  • A recent report warns that the era of low-cost labor in China is coming to an end, with foreign manufacturers there now needing to increase their marketing to Chinese.
  • Cooperatives: Once Diminished, Twice Powerful | 3-28 17:28
  • A pilot project of rural supermarkets in Ningbo has revitalized cooperatives from the days of the planned economy.
  • China's Textile Industry Dyed in Blues | 3-28 12:25
  • Pressed by rising costs and unfavorable government policies, many in China's textile industry are clamoring for rescue measures.
  • A Will of Steel | 3-24 13:37
  • Small-scale steel-makers in China are being forced out amidst a rising tide of iron ore prices. An EO investigation discovers that an elite group of monopolies both at home and abroad have a commanding influence in the trade.
  • Soya Bean Oil Shortage Sweeps China | 3-20 16:47
  • A major shortage in soya bean oil is sweeping across China, with supermarket shelves empty and domestic producers running into the red at the behest of frantic regulators.
  • From China's Hills to Silicon Valley | 3-13 18:41
  • Zhu Min has worn many hats--as a red guard, a farmer, a factor worker, an over-aged student, a programmer, an entrepreneur... the list goes on, as does his hunger for new opportunities, even at the age of 60.
  • Soya Document Thick With Protectionism | 3-13 14:53
  • Protectionist rallying by those in China's soya bean industry have influenced new guidelines dubbed "The Soya Document"
  • Reps Demand Shelving of Sinopec-Kuwait Plant | 2-28 16:42
  • Environmental concerns have led 14 legislative members from Guangdong to call for the government to shelve a five-billion-dollar oil refinery project in Nansha.
  • China Afflicted by Global Food Price Surges | 2-27 17:41
  • Just as China begins nursing its wounds after a battering by snowstorms, realization sets in that rising food prices are here to stay for the forseeable future.
  • Online Game Industry Deals Paralyzed | 2-20 18:48
  • Shanda's one hundred million yuan buyout of a small online game company last year has left other deals in the industry paralyzed by excessively high valuations.
  • Hard Times in the Northern Peaks | 1-30 16:09
  • Fire and mismanagement have sapped the mountain forests of remote Mohe on China's northern border with Russia.
  • Wang Yijiang: Don't Interfere with the Labor Market | 1-24 15:21
  • A month after the new Labor Contract Law has come into effect, Wang Yijiang sounds off on the slippery slope of government interference in the labor market.
  • Both Panic and Optimism Over China's New Online Video Rules | 1-16 14:20
  • While some are unfazed by new rules for China's online video sites, investors worry that they will have to sell their sites at rock bottom prices to public institutions in order to gain the government backing they need to stay online.
  • Closing a Legal Gap Between China and WTO | 1-9 15:49
  • China is using its laws to defend itself in WTO negotiations regarding the latter's government procurement agreement.
  • New Civil Aviation Chief | 1-3 13:19
  • Air China Chairman Li Jiaxiang is stepping down to become a state regulator and head the China Civil Aviation Administration.
  • Xiang River in Crisis | 12-26 16:14
  • Drought, abuse by industry, and neglect by local government have caused the water level in Hunan's Xiang River to drop to a record low. Maritime activities have been halted, reservoirs are drying up, and local hydropower generation has been stunted.
  • Conflicting Hats Worn by Changzhi | 12-21 18:46
  • Changzhi in Shanxi province is a severely polluted city entrenched with heavy industries. So why has it been lauded as "China's Top Ten Charming City" and "National Garden City"?
  • Peking Duck... From England | 12-19 15:50
  • China spends millions of yuan a year importing Pekin duck for its namesake cuisine, despite the fact that the species originated in the middle kingdom.

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