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  • China Ups Domestic Energy Prices | 6-20 17:14
  • With fuel shortages looming on the horizon, China has upped its domestic fuel prices at a time when the prolonged global oil price spike appears to be temporarily abating.
  • Sudden Deaths at Jiangxi Hospital Still a Mystery | 6-20 15:38
  • Six deaths in a week at the same hospital in east China's Jiangxi province following treatment of human immunoglobulin (PH4) Infusion had alarmed the health authorities, leading to investigation and suspension of certain medical product.
  • Ups and Downs in Olympic Room Rates | 6-19 16:26
  • As the Olympic Games draw closer, hotel room rates remain fluid. High-end hotels are waiting for cues from competitors while medium-and-lower-end ones have reduced their expectations.
  • Post-Quake Financial Support for Chinese SOEs | 6-18 13:20
  • China's Finance Ministry is looking into ways to cut expenditures and channel aid to quake-hit state-owned enterprises.
  • Regulators Hack-proof Chinese Funds | 6-17 14:04
  • In response to recent security breaches in the Chinese fund industry, regulators launched a series of exercises to probe firms' network defenses. Not many passed the bar.
  • China's Telecom Firms in the Post-Restructuring Era | 6-12 12:10
  • The recent massive consolidation in China's telecommuncations industry has met with both praise and criticism. The EO explores both sides of the debate surrounding the industry's post-restructuring landscape.
  • The Rule of Law in Midwest Bid | 6-5 14:55
  • Facing a fierce competitor aside, Sinosteel's attempt to take over Australian iron ore miner Midwest is apparently in the grip of a shrewd Malaysia-born broker named Law Tien Seng.
  • Huaneng President Likely to Enter Politics | 6-4 17:58
  • Huaneng Group president Li Xiaopeng, son of former Chinese premiere Li Peng, is leaving the power industry and likely to enter politics.
  • Foreign Firms Clear Air Over Earthquake Donations | 6-3 15:27
  • Multinationals in China have been scrambling to clear the air over their post-quake donations, which they say have been misreported and misunderstood by media and indignant Chinese netizens.
  • The Politics of Donations | 5-30 15:15
  • With increasing public scrutiny over corporate donations to the Sichuan earthquake relief effort, how much and what kind of donation is becoming a difficult question to answer for Chinese businesses.
  • Chinese Telecom Industry Consolidated into Three Giants | 5-28 18:34
  • The latest round of consolidation for the Chinese telecommunication industry has finalized, streamlining five companies into three giants and appointing new chiefs.
  • Banks Told to Write Off Disaster Zone Loans as Bad Debts | 5-26 17:47
  • The Chinese government has asked commercial banks to waive loan repayment for qualified quake-victims to ease public suffering. Banks, however, wish to stick to market mechanism.
  • Trading Froze for 66 Disaster-Struck Companies | 5-22 14:00
  • A day after the earthquake, a slew of companies in the disaster area had their trading frozen by regulators. Meanwhile, with factories destroyed and resource lines downed, Sichuan businesses are struggling to recover.
  • State Firms Lobby to End Bonus Payments | 5-14 18:15
  • After an immensely profitable 2007, China's state-owned enterprises are using poor performance in early 2008 as an argument for leniency in payments required of them by regulators.
  • Curtain to Close on Bank Loan Chicanery | 4-29 17:30
  • China's banking watchdog is drafting new rules to reign in those abusing business loans for speculative investments.
  • State Power: Billions Needed to Rebuild | 4-25 16:24
  • State power companies have quoted how much it will take to rebuild after the rare and severe snowstorms pummeled southern China's infrastructure earlier this year.
  • Chinese Firms Tapping Informal Loan Networks | 4-23 18:20
  • Many Chinese firms are taking out high-interest loans from informal fund networks in response to rising costs and a credit crunch that has left them struggling to survive.
  • Regulations to Reign in Foreign Operations in China | 4-18 14:06
  • Updated regulations would reign in foreign representative offices that have been abusing their non-profit licenses and evading taxes.
  • Oil Giants Call for Lifelines | 4-16 16:08
  • As two of China's oil mammoths wait for a lifeline from the government, the color and tone of their first-quarter financial reports hang in the balance.
  • Rice for Sale, Any Takers? | 4-16 14:17
  • While international markets are roiling with public outcry over grain price surges, Chinese rice farmers are unable to unload their harvests at fair prices.

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