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  • Only a Respite for Refineries | 12-12 19:36
  • An injection of relief crude oil by the government has bolstered a handful of Chinese refineries struggling against a shortage, but underneath the surface of cooperation remains universal resentment of monopolies in the industry.
  • Corporate Tax Law Details Revealed | 12-4 11:12
  • The second part of our special on the forthcoming Corporate Tax Law Details gives a sneak peek at new tax evasion, transfer pricing, and pre-tax deductable rules. Part 2 of 2
  • China's Luxury Laptop Pageant | 11-29 17:13
  • Haier and Lenovo are lovestruck with their own latest luxury laptops. But why bother with such costly and extravagant products when low-priced notebooks for the masses are the staple sellers in China?
  • Regulators Move After Bets on Health | 11-28 18:22
  • Venture capital is betting big on private Chinese health care chains, leaving the government worried that reform in the industry might fall short of its public-minded goals.
  • PR by Tony Blair | 11-28 16:19
  • Chinese businesses are learning the benefits of having a world class politician as their brand ambassador-- with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair the latest example.
  • A Peek at Corporate Tax Law Details | 11-27 18:36
  • The EO's Wang Biqiang has the inside scoop on a piece of legislation that will flesh out China's new Corporate Tax Law, which has foreign firms scrambling due to ambiguity over its timeframe. Part 1 of 2
  • Skepticism over WTO Implementations | 11-27 12:45
  • European businesses are skeptical about China's ability and willingness to implement WTO obligations, but that doesn't shake their interest to expand investments in the country.
  • They Came for Gold | 11-22 15:05
  • Invigorated by surging prices, China's prolific gold speculators are reluctant to lay down their tools despite the onset of winter.
  • Stop Panicking Over Labor Law | 11-21 18:43
  • Guo Jun, a draftee, dismisses the business world's reaction to the new Labor Contract Law as excessively pessimistic and discusses the forthcoming supplementary details meant to clarify it.
  • Scandal Hits State Owned Oil Giants | 11-21 18:14
  • State-owned oil companies claim their entanglement in a Shenzhen-based money laundering network was passive. But will the courts accept ignorance as a legitimate plea?
  • Deciphering the Labor Contract Law | 11-20 17:21
  • The new Labor Contract Law has magnified a long standing tug-of-war between employees and employers.
  • Everyday Low Prices, At All Costs | 11-14 17:59
  • Laid-off workers and local media are boiling over what they say is a crude, knee-jerk reaction to the new Labor Contract Law by Wal-Mart China.
  • Suing to Redeem Made in China | 11-14 14:35
  • Chinese toy makers, whose sales and reputations have suffered in the wake of the Mattel product recall, are planning to sue the American toy giant.
  • Interview: Reshaping Foreign Investment | 11-13 16:34
  • New guidelines on foreign investment shackle their access to mining and real estate. The EO interviews Zhang Yansheng, a consultant involved in their drafting.
  • A Kingdom Built of Fertilizer | 11-9 21:09
  • Millions of farmers are suffering as two state firms wrangle to maintain their lucrative monopoly over potassium fertilizer imports.
  • Sixty Days of a Local Refinery | 11-7 15:56
  • Pressed by escalating global prices, a domestic supply crisis, and an unsympathetic monopoly, local refineries soldier on.
  • SASAC: Restrict Salaries in SOE's | 11-6 13:03
  • A State Council commission is training its crosshairs on excessively high salaries in state-owned enterprises.
  • Insurance Fraud in Guangzhou's Hospitals | 10-25 17:05
  • Two prestigious hospitals in Guangzhou have been suspended from the local insurance apparatus for padding inpatient admissions and commiting other flagrant frauds
  • New Labor Law: Are You Ready? | 10-23 18:06
  • Employers are working double to become familiar with the new Labor Contract Law, which comes into effect on January 1st of 2008.
  • Shenzhen: Desperate for Labor | 10-22 13:56
  • Shenzhen's government, previously unwilling to acknowledge the desertification of its labor market, is now working with other provinces and cities to capitalize on their surpluses for the long term.

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